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Type of Pet: Barn Owl

Character who owns pet: Alexandro D'Angelo
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Pet name: Hipatia

Why does the character have this pet: Alexandro found her when he was a child in a trip. She appeared to have a broken wing and he took care of her. Little di he knew that the owl was a gift to him from his mother, Athena, that had given the animal the power to communicate only with his son so he could have a companion. He kept the owl until he had to go to the camp, when she stayed with his aunt. But when he was finally at camp, the owl entered throw a window with a note. In the note was written "This is my gift".

Any special abilities:  She has an empathy link with him and ,thanks to Athena, she can find him aslong as he is not in the underworld.

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  • Telepathy, not telekinesis is the ability to communicate mentally. This power is pretty much innate in all Athena children, if I recall correctly, so I don't think that Athena would need to interfere with the owl. It's likely that under the right circumstances, Hipatia and Alexandro would develop the empathy link themselves.

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OK. i've solved the problems. And sorry with the telepathy/telekinesis part, i just got confused.

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