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Chairo, one of Hoshiko's huskies. Chairo means brown in japanese (b/c of his brown eyes)

Type of pet: Sibiernan husky

Character who owns pet: Hoshiko Sato

History: Since Hoshiko prays to Asteria all the time (for her mother's well being and for her father's), Asteria gave her a gift in response of that. (Since the gods need to be noticed and all of that stuff) Asteria also gave her the husky since she was very new to camp and didn't have that many friends yet. (hence she was a bit lonely at times). The husky was waiting for Hoshiko near the front enterance of her bedroom with a letter attached to his collar.


My daughter, thank you for always in believing in me. You're father is still in good shape. Since you are new at camp, I figured you'd want to have a friend with you to support you in your training and etc. I hope you'll take good care of him. Name him however you'd like.

Your mother,


Kept at: Usually follows Hoshiko everywhere she goes. whenever it's bored and doesn't want to follow her, it stays in her bedroom

Special abilities: Telepathic link. Asteria figured Mairin want to have somebody to talk to since she's fairly new at camp.

Since i think i can approve pet claims..


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