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Name: Brownie

Character who owns this pet: Ivy Hollis


How she got this pet: One day, Ivy was walking along when the Camp Director pulled her aside. He said that a package had come for her. She went to check it out. He lead her to a tree in the forest, where a beautiful brown horse was standing. There was a note attached. It said:
Dear Ivy,
I am so glad that you made it to camp safely! As soon as Artemis told me, I cried. Tears of joy, of course. I am sorry about Aidan's death. Ripped up by a monster! What a terrible way to die.
Well anyway, I was travelling with the Hunt, and we were in England. I decided to stop by our old house. There Brownie was, all tied up. She missed you. I told Artemis, and she said that she would teleport Brownie to camp. If you are reading this, than she was successful.
There's something different about Brownie now. Artemis blessed her so you two have an empathy link. Now you know what she is feeling and thinking, and vice versa.
Will you ever see me again? Maybe. I am busy with the Hunt. Just know that I am alive and safe.
~Love, Skylar

Ivy escorted Brownie to the stables, happy to have her horse back.

Where this pet lives:The stables

Abilities: Since Brownie was blessed by Artemis, she and Ivy share an empathetic link.

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