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Type of Pet: Horse

Character who owns pet: Jacob Radon

Pet name: Taniwha

Why does the character have this pet: While still living at New Zealand, Jacob was given a 4 year old Kaimanawa horse as a pet. Jacob kept the horse close to him and one day while reading about the breed's history he found out that when the horses first came to New Zealand the native Maori tribes sometimes called horses Taniwha, after the mythological dragons of New Zealand. So from that day Jacob called his horse Taniwha too.

But even though Jacob loved Taniwha, he couldn't ship him overseas to New York. And so Jacob left his horse back in New Zealand where he was to stay until Jacob came back. But a week after getting Claimed by Aglaea Jacob was walking around the forest inside camp, out of the bushes came a magestic horse that trotted towards Jacob and stopped infront of him. Jacob looked back behind the horse to see if it's lost rider would come through the bushes, the rider didn't show.

That was when Jacob noticed a note on his right back leg, Jacob took off the note and it said:

Dear My Son

I was dearly upset to see you having to leave your horse behind, so I transported him to you here so both of us won't be sad anymore. Please take good care of him.

From Aglaea XOXO

B.S I now have given you two a mental connection so you two can now talk to each other Bye

After that Jacob found an empty spot in the stables and now looks after Taniwha all the time.

Any special abilities: A mental connection between him and Jacob

Where dose this pet live: In the stables at camp

How did Jacob receive the horse and why does it have the mental connection to Jacob? Also, it would have to live in the stables, not the cabin.

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

I fixed both poblems, thank for your help :D

You still didn't say why it has a mental connection.The true genius shudders at incompleteness and usually prefers silence to saying something which is not everything it should be. 20:18, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

B.S you two can now talk to each other in your mind, Bye

Yes but why do they have this connection? Was the horse born with it, did the goddess give it to them, or what?

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

I hope I fixed it


"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

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