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  • Type of Pet: Dog (Labrador)


  • Character who owns pet: Kassiani
  • Pet name: Naerys
  • Why does the character have this pet: Naerys is Kass's dog, given to her on her twelfth birthday. When Kass left for Camp at thirteen, she obviously left Naerys behind. Though, one day she was playing with her friend Luke when she saw Olivia and Naerys near the forest. Naerys ran up to Kass and jumped on her excitedly. Olivia saw Kass and after introductions and a happy family reunion, Olivia suggested Naerys stay with Kass at Camp. With Kass missing Naerys (and Naerys missing Kass), Kass agreed to the idea.
  • Any special abilities: An empathy link with Kass

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