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Type of Pet: Kitten

Owner: Jess

Name: Kyle

Gender: Female

History: When Jess and Siyan were walking to camp, Siyan heard a mew and she trotted towards it. Jess followed her since she didn't have a weapon at the time. Lying on the grass was a kitten. The kitten had a thorn in her paw. Jess picked up the kitten, pulled the thorn out of her paw, and became deeply attached to it. Jess named it Kyle and she kept her as a pet.

Abilities: N/A

Where: Kyle stays with Jess or on her bunk in the Athena Cabin.

"Hurry up and save me, I have a broken wing and heart and your the one you can heal me."  ~Fallen


He transformed the pain of his tormented life Into ecstatic beauty. 21:42, June 21, 2012 (UTC)

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