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1. Twin Lop Bunnies  

Thumper (Left) and Dex (Right)

2. Lexi Mansin

3. Thumper and Dex

4. One night when Lexi was exploring the camp she stumbled apon two baby bunnies. The bunnies were tied up in a net so Lexi deicded to rescue them. She grabbed one of her arrow ehads and cut through the net. After the bunnies escaped they ran away. The next morning Lexi grabbed some carrots and returned to were she saw them and the bunnies were there. She laid the carrots on a stump and the bunnies came to the carrots. Lexi picked them both up after and saw a little pink boy on one of the bunneis and it said Thumper. She picked up the other bunny and it had a blue ribbon on it that said Dex. She later realized that on the ribbons her father Ben signed his name and that the ribbons simbilized the genders of the bunnies. So Lexi took the bunnies into her room and fed them.

5. The bunnies have no known powers.

(sneaks in and steals bunnies >.<) OMG THEY ARE SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!! ok but besides that, no to the powers of making other animals fall in love

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