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Type of Pet: White Pegasus

Character who Owns the Pet: Lily Analiese Deepedge

Pet Name: Wingfeather called Wingsy for short

Why does the Character Have the Pet: Lily was walking ner the Strawberry Fields when she heard flapping of wings. She turned and saw a white pegasus with a small note attached:

For Lily,

Take care of the Pegasus well, I do not do much favors for my children, you know, I have noticed your loneliness at Camp and have decided to give you this pegasus

Your Mother,


Lily thanked her mother and named the pegasus Wingfeather, Wingsy for short.

Any special abilities: The abilities of a normal pegasus like flying.

Where the Pet is Kept: The Stables

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Enjoy! Please add her in the stables photo album and list :) 

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