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  1. Type of Pet: Mountain Lion Cub
  2. Angelia


    Character who owns pet: Linza Alessandrini
  3. Pet name: Angelia
  4. Why does the character have this pet: On Mandi's and Linza's way to camp, they heard a little roar coming from the forest. Linza got out her sickle sword and walked towards the noise. Mandi went also for protection and saw a mountain lion cub. They weren't very popular in New York. The poor cub had a thorn stuck in its paw and Linza helped take it out. She made sure she was gentle with the cub. Once Linza took out the thorn, the cub followed Linza. Linza realised the cub was following her and kept it. She later realised the cub was a girl and named her Angelia. Angelia now residents in Linza's cabin.
  5. Any special abilities: N/A

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