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Type of Pet: Gypsy Vanner Horse

Owner: Marcella Nicolae and Coralynn Nicolae

Pet Name: Traveller

Why: Marcella and Cora grew up in a gypsy caravan, where these horses are used to pull the carriages. Their parents had gained enough stuff to trade for an extra horse, which they gave to the girls for their own recreational purposes. However when Cella and Cora had to flee Enlgand to come to Camp Half-Blood they had to leave their beloved horse behind. A few days after their arriving in camp Cella went walking through the forest where she wandered upon Traveller walking through the woods with all of his tack on. In the one saddle bag Cella found a note from Lydia explaining the she used magic to send Traveller to the girls with a little help from Hermes' mailing service.


Special Abilities: None

Pet is a horse so he will stay in the stables at camp.


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