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Type of Pet: White Samoyed Dog

Character who owns Pet: Oh Min'gyu

Why Character owns this Pet: Melody was sent by Morpheus when he noticed Min'gyu feeling isolated. In a camp where you barely know anyone with great fears and a bad past, it's hard being around strangers and feeling safe. Out of sympathy, Morpheus sent the dog. As Min'gyu was walking to his cabin, he noticed the dog limping near his cabin. Concerned for the animal, he took her and helped nurse the dog's paw. During Melody's healing process, Min'gyu grew to like the dog. At first, he was nervous since he never had a pet before, but seeing how friendly the dog was around him, he grew to love her. He didn't feel as lonely anymore and the two eventually became inseparable.

Special Abilities: None

Where pet stays: Melody stays inside the cabin, especially Min'gyu's room

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