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Type of Pet: Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Owner: Naomi Phelps

Pet name: Pauline

Why: Naomi was having a walk around the beach, when a parrot flied next to her. It sat on her shoulder and Naomi saw that it was holding a not in its claws. It read:

"Hey, Naomi. Yea, it's dad. This note was delivered to you by Pauline. She needs a new owner, and that's you. Love ya.


Naomi really liked the gift and Pauline turned out to be a great friend.

Any special abilities: Pauline can deliver Naomi's messages to anyone around Camp. Another special thing about her is that if Naomi whistles in a special way, she will find her.

Where: Pauline usually follows Naomi around, or just flies around Camp and it's surroundings on her own. She also has a cage in Eros' Cabin.

OOC: i really *yawns* hope that the special *yawns* abilities thing makes *yawns* sense.

"I refuse to sink"

I don't see anything wrong with it.


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