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Type of pets: Ocelot cub and Tiger cub

Name of person who owns pet: Natalie Coceancig

Name of pets: Fenneck (ocelot) and Jonti (tiger)

Why does this character have this pet?: Natalie was gifted these pets by her mother, Cybele, as a late gift for reaching Camp after her ordeal at the Model UN. They have temperaments like Natalie's brothers, Oliver and James, who she hasn't seen since the Model UN. They are meant to keep her company and amuse her when she's alone, or keep her safe when she's around friends.

Special abilities: They can communicate empathetically with Nat, as she is a child of Cybele.

Special Considerations: While the cubs are wild animals, they can be kept in the Cybele Cabin as all cabin member will be able to communicate with them

User:Bird of Winter/sigcoding2

01:28, November 8, 2013 (UTC)

First, it wouldn't really be telepathic, it would be more empathic/emotions thing, as animals don't really know English. Also, Tigers get really big when full grown, and wouldn't necessarily be friendly to everyone, what does she plan to do with it when it's full grown?

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Well, they would take maybe 1 year to reach a size large enough to be a problem and until then she would keep it with her. Afte it has grown too large for the cabin, she would preumably keep it in the forest at Camp. Considering it has the tempermant of one of her brothers, it wouldn't really bother anyone.

User:Bird of Winter/sigcoding2

01:51, November 8, 2013 (UTC)


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