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Owner: Minka Collias

Pet Name: Nefaria Bastet

Species: Spartus kitten/cat

Reason: After Minka's little tour through the Underworld, she was sometimes haunted with the vision of seeing a skeletal kitten darting between trees. This vision became more frequent after Apollo and Artemis stalled her curse and made her semi-blind instead of insane. A day after she arrived at Camp Half-blood, a small basket woven from reeds appeared at the foot of her bed. She decided to open it at night, when she could see, and discovered a sleeping black kittten curled up in the basket. A tag on the kitten's skull-themed collar in Ancient Greek read, "I heard about your blindness. The kitten might help you with it - Dad." Evidently from Hades, Minka decided to keep the cat, eventually discovering that it was blind in one eye, similar to her own condition. It was, in fact, a spartus and no ordinary animal. Minka named it, and the kitten gradually grew into a black cat with piercing eyes the color of eggplants. 

Special Abilities: Nefaria wasn't for battle. She was designed as a companion for Minka to help endure the effects of the impending curse. Over time, Minka gained an empathy link with the little cat. Nefaria can also fade into a skeletal appearance, losing her flesh and blood, and turn back to a normal black kitten. This forme-change really has no use other than amusing Minka and scaring the wits out of random people who've never encountered the kitten. As a beast from the Underworld, Nefaria can also shadow travel, but drains energy in doing so. 

Nefaria in flesh form

Home: Nefaria tends to stay inside Hades' Cabin, lurking around and basically stealing Minka's half-sibling's socks and underwear and stuff like that. She often tags along with Minka, following her all over camp. Occasionally, the undead cat snoops around camp on her own, having gained the habit of scaring random people by jumping in front of them, mewing loudly, and fading into skeletal form. She's been a subject for many complaints, but since the cat never really does anything worse than nearly give someone a heart attack, she has been allowed to remain at CHB. 

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