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Type of Pet;

Skeleton Horse


Rowan Kastor

Pet Name;



Rowan has always wanted a pet horse, and found Nova captured by scientists. Rowan rescued Nova and the skeleton horse immediately took a liking to Rowan, followering her around and helping whenever Rowan needed help.

Special Abilities;

can fly in times of need
understands both greek and english
can turn invisible to monsters, but if Nova is being ridden at the time, that person is visible

16:51, January 21, 2019 (UTC)



We have to regrettably inform you that your pet claim has been denied. Unfortunately, but pet claims need to have a certain level of realism in terms of them either existing in/being appropriate to Greek mythology or real life. We really do try to avoid denying pet claims if possible, but the concept of a pet skeleton horse and scientists having had it as a subject falls into the realm of absurdity. Sorry about that and we hope you understand! With that being said, we welcome and encourage you to create another pet claim for another (perhaps more realistic) pet!

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