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  1. Type of Pet - Pegasus
  2. Character who owns pet - Paige Gabriel
  3. Pet name - Michael (named after her father)
  4. Why does the character have this pet - Paige found him in a forest caught in a net while she was out looking for her father. Its wings were badly injured. She approached it and tried to help it but it seemed to squirm and wanted to kick her everytime she came closer. But she managed to get the net off of it. Then she thought that it might be hungry. Since there were trees nearby, she gathered as many fruits as she could. She tried to give it but the pegasus was a little fierce. Then she threw it instead. Surprisingly, the pegasus caught it with its mouth and started eating it. She did it again and the pegasus caught it again. Later, she tried to pet the pegasus and he seemed fine now. She tried to help it by applying first aid to its broken wings. Paige never really planned to keep him but when she left, the pegasus kept on following her. So she decided to keep him as a pet.
  5. Any special abilities - just the abilities of a pegasus
  6. Where is being kept - camp stables

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