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Type of Pet: Pegasus

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Character who owns pet: Raina Starline

Pet name: Pastel

Why does the character have this pet: Raina was looking at the stables, wishing she had a pegasus of her own. A black pegasus with a rainbow mane, tail, and bottem wing feathers trotted up to her. It had a note with a piece of rope wrapped around its neck. Raina took off the rope and read the note. It said: To my rainbow nymph daughter, this is a little something for you since you wished you had your own pegasus. I also altered some colors onto her. Take care of her ~Iris She hoped on her and flew for a few minutes. It was a time of her life.

Any special abilities: Other than that, being like a normal horse that has wings and fly.

If the pet is larger than a horse or a pegasus, the animal can not be kept at or around camp, so you need to explain where this pet is kept when you are living at camp: Pastel lives in the stables like a normal pegasus.


"long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

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