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Type of Pet: Pegasus

Character who owns pet: Rebbeca Hylton

Pet Name: Louie

Why does this character this pet: Rebbeca was in the stables on day because she was bored and didn't know what to do. She was feeding a random Pegasus she didn't know. She wanted a Pegasus so bad just for transportation and maybe just riding it for fun. She was washing her hands when something caught her eye. It was a beautiful white Pegasus it had a note attached to it. It said

Dear whoever is reading this,

Hi, this is Louie he's a pegasus. I can't take care of him any more, maybe you can i don't know. What ever you do take care of him really good. He's been through a lot. But he's the best Pegasus ever so treat him well (give him a lot of sugar cubes please).

Sincerly, Julia

Rebbeca petted Louie's mane, he whined. She gave him a few sugar cubes. Ever since then Louie stays in the stables like other Pegasus. Sometimes Rebbeca rides him.

Any special abilities: Same Pegasus powers. Flying.

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