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Type of Pet: Pegasus 

Ruth's Pegasus

Character who owns pet: Ruth Althea Wurst

Pet name: Jake

Why does the character have this pet: Ruth had missed her horse when she went to camp. She often goes to the stables looking at the pegasi and wishing that she has her own. One day, when Ruth was sitting on the ground, looking at the sky, a white pegasus approached her with a note tied around its neck. It red:

Dear Ruth,

This pegasus is for you. I know that you wish your own horse, but keep this instead. Name it whatever you want. It can help on your training.

Your father,


Ruth kept the horse and named it Jake.

Any special abilities: Being like a normal horse that has wings and fly.

If the pet is larger than a horse or a pegasus, the animal can not be kept at or around camp, so you need to explain where this pet is kept when you are living at camp: Jake lives in the stables like a normal pegasus.

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