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  1. Pet: Automaton Dog
  2. Owner: Scott MacDiarmid, Son of Hephaestus
  3. Pet's Name: Wallace (sometimes called "Wally" for short)

    Wallace, Scott's Automaton Dog

  4. Why he has this pet: Scott, being a Son of Hephaestus, was told that he needed to learn how to make automatons. After many designs and prototypes, he eventually created a dog named Wallace. Scott wasn't sure what to do with his first engineering success at first, but eventually decided to keep him as a pet and companion.
  5. Special Abilities: Being an Automaton, Wallace has some abilities a normal dog wouldn't have. If he's ever damaged, unlike a normal dog who'd need serious medical attention, Scott can easily repair Wallace (depending on how bad the damage is. If Wallace is completelt destroyed, Scott can take his hardrive and transfer into a new body through a process that will take about a week.) Wallace is also combat-ready. When Scott tells him to go into battle mode, Wallace's eyes turn red. His teeth sharpen into strips of metal that are sharp like daggers, and spikes extend from his paws to make razor-sharp claws. Scott will command him who to attack, and Wallace will fight using his razor claws and teeth. Wallace's body is made of a brass-celestial bronze alloy that is resistant to most attacks, but his underside is extremly soft, and he'll combust in a small explosion if he is attacked hard there.
  6. Where he lives: Being a small dog, Wallace can live with Scott in the Hephaestus Cabin

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