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Type of pet: German Shepards

Names: Champ and Charming

Gender: Males

Character who owns this pet: Serina Brown

History: Serina has been feeling a bit lonely lately even though she has made some best friends in camp. But she wants a friend who'd be always with her. One day at the entrance of her bedroom, she found two german shepards. 

Her two german shepards

they were both wagging their tails and came up to Serina. A letter was next to the place they were standing. She opened it and it read: "Serina, since you have been feeling a bit lonely lately, I brought you two new companions. Please take care of them. Love mom"

Kept at: Both follow Serina to protect her from harm's way. But if they get bored, they both stay at her bedroom sleeping.

Special abilities: Telepathic link. Aphrodite figured Serina want to have somebody to talk to since she's getting a bit lonely at camp.

Notes: They bite if they think somebody is hurting Serina or they think that the person is bad. >.>


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