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  1. Shetland Sheepdog (Puppy)
  2. He belongs to Tula Bonham, or more like Tula belong to him.
  3. Snapps
  4. Tula had him before she came to came to camp. They needed a sheep dog to herd their sheep (she lived on a farm) so they got Snapps from a breeder. Tula trained him for a few weeks and he slept in her room every night, at the foot of her bed, and when she drove the tractor, he sat with her on her lap. Whenever she would work, like cleaning out the horses stables or feeding the pig he would follow her. After she left, Snapps missed her terribly (in all the ways a dog can), so her father sent Snapps by plane to Tula, who met him at the airport, and brought him to camp.
  5. Hearding Sheep. (He's not very good, though. Tula was still working with him when she went to camp.) He can also run obstacles like in a pet show. He's not perfect, but it's a work in progress. 
  6. Snapps stays in Persphone's cabin at night and sleeps on Tula's bed. His food bowl and water bowl is on the outside of the cabin. During the day he follows her around or just walks around the camp doing dog stuff. You know, sniffing stuff, playing with the horses in the stables and stuff.

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