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Type of Pet: Hippopcampus(fantastic fish-tailed marine horses)

Appearance:  A silvery blue body, with pale turquoise fins. Has upper body and forequarters of a horse, and hinquarters of a giant fish.

Powers: Can create a wave of sea foam by moving his tail forcefully.

Empathy link: he has established an empathy link, so they can communicate, when telepathy is not an option. He always knows where in the sea to find him, although Trykouaz usually comes up to surface, as he knows i visit him in the afternoons daily.


History: One day nareus was by the ocean, when he decided to go for a swim. Since ariving at camp he'd seen amazing things, even a hydra. When he saw a flick of a giant tail he expected nothing less than a hippocamp. He noticed the way it was swimming; bumping into rocks in a daze like manner. He noticed a cut on his flank, and immediately rushed to it to help. He patched it up with some seaweed, nd fed it ambrosia. it neighed merily, and said thankyou in his head. As Nareus swam away he noticed it was following him. He asked if it wanted to stay with him, and it replied yes Master. Nareus knew he would not want to be confined, just like how nareus does not, therefore he is a free spirit. Nareus just calls on him telepathicaly when he needs him. He was named Trykouaz after his turquoise fins.


Where he is Kept: as he is a free spirit, he stays in the ocean, but usually is close

Food: he usually grazes on kelp, and fields of seaweed. He has taken a liking to blueberries, which I bring him often.

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Where does this pet stay?

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I added a section telling where he lives, and what he eats Oceanhalo12 15:34, December 9, 2014 (UTC)


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