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  1. Type of Pet - Red Fox Cub
  2. Character who owns pet - Veruschka de Luna Plina
  3. Pet name - Sorina
  4. Pet image - 
    Russia pet.jpg
  5. Why does the character have this pet - Just before Veruschka had left to go to Camp, she had been wandering around outside her home when she found this fox. She took it home and asked her adoptive father, Emile, to look after it until she could return to it. Emile recently decided it would be nice for Veruschka to have her fox with her at camp so he delivered it to the entrance of Camp, letting it run around, knowing Veruschka would find it. Veruschka found her fox in the forest, slightly wounded, and now intends to keep it in her care for however long she stays at camp.
  6. Any special abilities - Nope. Just a normal fox.
  7. Where she will live - Pandia cabin. Red foxes aren't dangerous so even when the fox is fully grown it will remain in the cabin.

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well if they aren't dangerous and seeing as though I have an aeolus kid who's pet is a gray wolf...

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