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Name: Vipera

Gender: Female

Type of pet: Juvenile Alloy Ball Python

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Owner: Caine Blanchard

How character got pet: When Caine entered the sixth grade, his father allowed him to buy a new pet after his old one died. Caine found Vipera in a pet shop down the street from where he lived. He bought a tank large enough for Vipera but small enough to carry around without much hassle and a humidifier. Vipera was a shy snake, but opened up to Caine after living with him for a while. Vipera lived a passive life until Caine's fourteenth birthday when Caine was attacked by a hellhound. Caine had packed his things, including Vipera and her things, and left for Camp. They were trailed by Stymphalian birds, causing Caine to rush, hastily wearing Vipera around his neck while carrying his and Vipera's things in a large cardboard box.

Special Abilities: None

Home: Caine's room

Age: 8


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