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Type of Pet: all white cat with green eyes

Character who owns pet: Jake Blackwell

Pet name: YuYu

Why does the character have this pet: is a gift. This Pet appeared on his chest when he woke up, with a note around it's neck. The note said that it was a gift from Hades, and was unique, like Jake.

Where it is kept: YuYu sleeps on Jake's bed most of the day or tags along with him, never in the mess hall.

Any special abilities: can teleport and appear when called (shadow travel)

You can find Jake's approved char page here: http://camphalfbloodroleplay.wikia.com/wiki/Jake_Blackwell

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Hey Jakie! Just a comment, I don't think cats can have CB claws, it's like... impossible, since it'd probably die before even having them.

And how come the cat can teleport? And what kind of teleportation? Are you talking about shadow traveling like hellhounds can do since it's from Hades?

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