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To see the policies behind the quests and how they work go here. To see other quests that have happened or that are currently going on go here. You must be a level 3 to join quests, and you must be a level 4 to lead a quest!


Once you have reached level four you can lead a quest. Please have in mind how many others you wish to bring on the quest and any details about the quest you know. An administrator will then approve your request or if there are any changes or additional info needed in order for them to do so they will let you know. Upon approval you will need to visit The Oracles' Cave and request a prophecy, once your prophecy has been given and you have all your quest mates (a total of 3 to 6 should be on every quest so you and 2 to 5 quest mates), at this point the quest will begin. If you have any questions at any time before making the quest or while on the quest contact an administrator.

  1. You must be a level 3 to join quests
  2. You must be a level 4 to lead/make a quest request
  3. You must have anywhere from 2 to 5 other characters that other users control on your quest.

Approval Form Sample

Some things you should have in your Quest Claim:

  • Name of Character:
    • This is your character's name, they will be leading the quest.
  • God Parent:
    • The god parent of the person going on the quest, unless it isn't a demigod, then list their species
  • Who is sending them on the Quest?
    • This could be Alexander, or a god/goddess, a personal thing from the character's past. It doesn't have to be the parent of the demigod to send them on the quest, it also doesn't have to be a demigod.
  • Dream if there was one:
    • This would be if the god/dess wanted to speak to their child to give them instructions in a... dream.
  • General idea behind the details of the quest:
    • Quests do not have to follow a step by step script, but there should be some general idea behind where the leader would like to see it go. Some users may have a stricter idea of where and how the quest should go step by step, but others may prefer to allow a more open feel for all users involved, as long as it still gets to the desired end game.
  • General idea of monsters they may encounter:
    • This gives a short summary of the monsters that are Medium through Suicide that will be encountered on the quest.
  • End game:
    • The stuff the questers don't know but the user/leader plans
  • General idea of locations planned:
    • This shows what places the quest may include.
  • Number of questers desired (2 to 5 besides the leader)
  • Sign your claim with 3 or 4 ~'s

If your quest starts out with a dream, use this template.


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Son,

Please help


Once the quest is approved you will make a page for the quest that will include:

  • Dream/Important Information
    • This includes general idea behind the details of the quest, general idea of monsters they may encounter, and the stuff the questers don't know but the user/leader plans.
  • Questers: listed like this, [[Name of Camper]] (God/dess name) ([[User:Owner of the char]])
  • A prophecy: If there is one
  • Quest area: The general idea of locations planned.
Add the Category:Quests to the page as well. Once you have all questers and a prophecy if desired, you may begin Quests that go over 14 days with no edits are subject to deletion. If you know you need more time, please ask an administrator that your quest be put on hold. In order for your character to get a "point" for having led a quest, the quest must get to a reasonable point. This means that, preferably your quest got through at least one monster attack, and definitely well past having left camp. This is to prevent people from intentionally starting a quests but never putting any work into them, just to be able to have a char count to have "Led" a quest.

If you want, there's a count down timer:

{{Count Down Clock|December 31 00:00:00 EST|quest ends in}}

Once the end date is reached, the clock starts counting up.....

Quests are fun for everyone until the god-modding comes along. It can be big or small, but no matter how much, it is always a bother. Here are examples, so that you know what not to do on a quest.

Example 1

  • Making your character always able to dodge attacks

Monster: The monster lunges for Demigod, trying to scratch his side.

Demigod: He quickly dodges the monster's claws.

Monster: The monster rears up and tries to pounce on Demigod.

Demigod: He moves out of the way and escapes without a scratch.

Monster: The monster leaps to the side, swiping its paws at the demigod as it leaps.

Demigod: He ducks underneath the swipe, and jumps away from the monster.

Monster: The monster swipes at the demigod again, in attempts to kill the infuriating pest of a demigod.

Demigod: He jumps up over the swipe, lands on his feet, and runs away.

In this rp, the Demigod keeps dodging the monster. This gets quite tiring, and it causes the rp to become extremely tiresome, boring and drawn out. It also means that neither side will ever be set back or injured in any way.

  • Similarly, this works vice-versa, the demigod may continue to attack the monster, but the monster will dodge every attack.

Example 2A

  • Exceeding limits of powers without taking any damage:

Monster: The monster growls at Demigod, who he has cornered.

Demigod: Demigod summons every single lightning bolt in the universe and electrocutes Monster without breaking a sweat.

Monster: He growls and flails around, trying to escape the bolts.

Demigod: He begins to fly, all of his energy intact and coursing through his veins.

Monster: He tries to swat at flying Demigod, his paws reaching out to grasp him.

Demigod: He calls 100 eagles to peck the monster into bits, feeling more powerful than ever before. He glances at the ground below him, not even beginning to tire himself out from flying.

Monster: In a lightning cloud surrounded by eagles, he roars and tries to send a wave of birds flying back at Demigod.

Demigod: He calls over an extremely powerful gust of wind, which he uses to knock out the birds and fly away, not even feeling remotely exerted.

In this rp, the Demigod uses his powers to a great extent without even beginning to lose energy. This makes the demigod very OP. The powers were made with limitations to make them fair, and disregarding those limitations is unfair to other roleplayers. By the way this child of Zeus was using his powers, he should have passed out at the very least, if not killed himself from exhaustion and overexertion.

Example 2B

  • Using powers that your character does not have:

Monster: The monster walks slowly towards Demigod, ready to strike.

Demigod: He summons a gigantic electric orb from the sky and thrusts it on to Monster.

Monster: He tries to escape the orb, lunging at Demigod angrily.

Demigod: He levitates water into the orb, causing an electric explosion.

Monster: Freed from his cage and slightly dazed, he runs at Demigod and pounces.

Demigod: He summons a lightning rope to hang Monster from a nearby tree.

Monster: He struggles to get out of the rope, growling and snapping at Demigod.

Demigod: He tightens the rope and leaves, his job done. Before he leaves, he summons some tigers to eat the monster.

In this rp, the Demigod uses powers that he does not have. He was also not losing any energy while preforming these powers, such as controlling, let alone levitating, water, and summoning tigers. Also, children of Zeus can not make lightning cages and lightning ropes that can sustain and hold a monster for that long. These rps are quite frustrating for the other members because they have to deal with a character that does not even have the powers that he/she is using at all.

  • This can also happen in a situation where the monster uses powers that it does not have, like if a hellhound was spitting acid and controlling it.

Example 3

  • Ignoring moves made by other roleplayers on purpose.

Monster: He pounces towards Demigod and tries to rake his side.

Demigod: He ignores the gashes on his side and keeps swinging his sword at Monster.

Monster: He is dazed by the blows but once again strikes out at Demigod.

Demigod: Ignoring the wounds, they cause him no pain and he continues to fight back.

Monster: Annoyed, he gathers all of his strength and lunges fiercely at Demigod.

Demigod: He does not care about the weight of Monster and swings his sword in a quick motion.

Monster: He yowls in pain and presses his weight down harder.

Demigod: He ignores him and continues to swing his sword, hoping to land a fatal blow.

In this rp, Demigod is immune to pain. This is very unfair to everyone, because it makes the character more powerful than he/she should be. It makes him seem immortal, and he is not. He can not possibly withstand all of the pain that he is getting from Monster in any situation.

  • This can also work vice versa if the monster is ignoring blows from its attackers and acting like it is immune to all pain.

Example 4

  • Auto-hitting and determining outcomes before they happen.

Monster: He prowls towards Demigod, teeth bared.

Demigod: He swings his sword towards Monster and inflicts a large wound in his side.

Monster: He staggers but continues to advance quickly towards Demigod.

Demigod: He once again swings his sword at Monster and inflicts another wound, which stuns Monster.

Monster: He shakes out of his daze and leaps for Demigod, hoping to catch him by surprise.

Demigod: He swings his sword out in front of him, knocking Monster back.

Monster: He once again leaps for Demigod, this time with more force.

Demigod: He raises his sword and watches as it perfectly digs into Monster's stomach.

In this rp, Demigod has too much influence over the actions of the other members of the roleplay. It is practically like he is the only one in the roleplay, not giving other members a chance to react and make their own actions. Also, he is making it unfair by making his char more powerful than any of the other members of the roleplay, which is also god-modding by itself.

Example 5

  • Controlling other rper's characters.

Monster: He crouches in front of Demigod and leaps, trying to land squarely on demigod.

Demigod: He moves out of the way and watches as the monster falls to the ground with a thud. It howls in pain as its foot breaks. He moves in to stab the monster.

Monster: He roars in pain and attempts to stand up on three legs, only to be stabbed in the shoulder. Infuriated, it reaches out to claw demigod.

Demigod: He dodges the claws, watching as they get embedded in the ground. He laughs and aims his sword toward the monster's other shoulder.

Monster: He yowls, losing all feeling in his shoulders. He tries to rake at demigod with his back legs.

Demigod: The monster accidentally flips itself over. It squirms around on the ground, helpless. He reaches up to scratch the monster's belly.

Monster: He pitifully rolls out of the way, feeling the sword scrape his side. In one last attempt to win, he snaps his jaws at demigod.

Demigod: He sticks his sword into the monster's throat. The monster explodes into gold dust.

In this rp, Demigod decides how the monster's actions result, instead of letting the person who is rping the monster decide. He is controlling all of the monster's reactions. This is not fair to the rper who is the monster. The monster does not get to react on its own.

  • One user can control more than one character. For example, if two demigods are fighting a monster, one rper can control the other demigod and the monster. The person who is rping the monster can also control the demigod(s).

Need Help? Want to lead a quest but no idea what to do for one? Well here's some general ideas you can borrow. These are all very generic, you can't use the idea straight as they are, you need to just use these as a start point. In order to get them approved you'll have to add more details and customise them to fit your character. If you use one, please remove it from the list.

Ideas by God Parent

Aphrodite Kids

Objects That could be stolen or missing:

  1. Triton-Drawn Chariot of Aphrodite: Aphrodite was a goddess of the sea as well as the heavens, and according to one author, she possessed a seagoing chariot drawn by fish-tailed Tritones.
  2. Clothing & Jewelry of Aphrodite: Aphrodite clothed herself in rich, brightly-coloured clothing and adorned herself with fabulous jewellery.
Apollo Kids
  1. Someone stole Apollo's car. (End game, Gelos stole it for a good laugh and hid it.)
  2. Someone is taking Apollo's children captive. (End game, Hyperion is pissy that Apollo got the sun job after Helios faded and not him.)
  3. The Nosoi were feeling bored and are causing disease and plagues to hit <haven't picked a country yet>. Go there, stop them, cure the people.
Athena Kids
Hades Kids
  1. The Three Judges of the Dead are missing, one of them, Aiakos held the keys to Hades, it is paramount they are returned to do their job, otherwise there is no one to judge the dead.
Hebe Kids
  1. Someone has stolen the cup of the gods that gives them eternal life, it seems as if it was Ganymede not doing his job, but Hera suspects it's much more than that, though she's being a bit evasive as to why. End game is it's actually hebe who took the cup and hid it, hoping to frame Ganymede and get her old job back
Hermes Kids
Persephone kids

Generic Ideas

Long Lost Sibling
  1. She's received word from <insert goddess name here> that she actually has a half sister, a few years after she was born, her father had an affair with another goddess but gave the child up for adoption. The child has been stuck in the Casino all these years and <insert goddess> has asked that she go get her out and bring her back to camp.
Music Nymph
  1. Persephone is tired of how drab the underworld is, she's asked someone if she would get together some music nymphs/spirits and brighten up the place with music.

Are you having a hard time getting your quest approved? Getting frustrated? Here's some helpful tips to either avoid or remember when making a claim for a quest....


  1. One of the most important things to remember when building a quest, is why there needs to be quest approval to begin with. You see early on people were wanting to do all sorts of crazy over the top over powerful stuff, like even kill gods. The approval forum is just to ensure that nothing crazy absurd is happening. It doesn't mean it has to be a script that you follow to the letter once the quest is made, just a general guideline.
  2. WIP

Do you want somebody with a high expertise in roleplaying to roleplay the monsters and gods for your quest, or just spice things up? Well, you've come to the right place. Here you can find the list of current moderators and links to their user pages so that you can message them. If you would like to be a mod, feel free to sign up and link to your user page.

What Do Mods Do?

  1. Mods rp the monsters in your quest
  2. Mods rp any extra characters that show up in your quest, such as gods or mortals
  3. Mods can remind the questers to post
  4. Mods can add events to quests to make them more complex
  5. Mods can rp characters who are owned by inactive users (with permission)

Sign Up

Single Mods

Sign up here if you can or want to be the only mod on a quest:

  1. Jay
  2. Wind

Double Mods

Sign up here if you can or want to pair up with someone to help mod a quest:

  1. Kat

Quests to be Approved


Submit your Quest claim here....
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Quests that Have Been Approved

Has your quest been approved? If so, go ahead and make a page for it....

<createbox> break=no prefix= preload= buttonlabel=Make Your Quest Page </createbox>

(Note: Don't forget to give your quest the category Category:Quests. And remember do not make a quest page if your quest has not been approved yet. Once you make the page, list it below under active quests.... :) Cheers and Happy Questing!)

Quests that have begun

  1. Quest To Retrieve Ares' Helmet
  2. Quest for the Laurel Tree
Detailed List of All Active Quests

No Edits in 3 to 7 days

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No Edits in Over 7 to 14 days (After 14 days quest gets pulled)

  1. -

Quests that have everything to start but haven't

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Quests missing things

  1. -

Quests On Hold

  1. The Rogue Huntress

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