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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Bradley,

Hello bradley I know you don't know me, but I have a favour to ask you...well recently, my daughter, joselyn, and her friend, sabrina, went to the underworld to see sabrina's creator..but Sabrina's carelessness caused Joy to get lost ....well it wasn't all her fault as it was Joy's own mistake to not trust people about her condition...*sigh* I'm running out of topic..sorry. Anyhow, Sabrina is now sitting on the chair of forgetfulness...and as I don't want joselyn to get the blame for what Sabrina cause, I want you to get her out of that chair...before Aphrodite finds out understand? Come to the Underworld, someone will be waiting for you.

- Persephone
Queen of the Underworld


Joy and Sabrina went to the Underworld due to see Sabrina's creators. Sabrina had left Joy, Joy wonders off and met several doom but when her life was on the line Persephone not being able to do intervene put her to sleep as she looked for Sabrina to wake her up so that both can escape the underworld unhurt. However before she could do anything, Sabrina found the chair that makes one lose their precious memories. Persephone, not wanting the blame to fall on joy, sent Bradley with vaguely telling him about Joy's condition enough to make him curious.


Five to save she whose memories had tear,
Must follow blessed and life's ignited flare:
Sent to the Mirage to find a herb, rare.
Behind the tests, danger lurks, all beware
Return to doom to grant the joint heart's pray'r.

Questors (Five)

  1. Bradley, (Eros)
  2. Ivan Concord (Thanatos, Hyu)
  3. Koreen Trent (Poseidon, Demi)
  4. Joy
  5. Marley Sinclair (Eris, Migs)

Locations & Agenda

  1. Dining Pavilion- The questors will meet up here early morning, ready.
  2. Enterance to the Underworld- Entrance will be blocked by the goddess of blessed death, Macaria. She will give her request to find a herb, saying going further will not help Sabrina any more than standing as the only person able to take someone off the chair was Heracles because he had the enormous amount of strength. Thus, it stated that the herb will help the questors to take Sabrina away from the chair as it gives strength to those whom eats it. Macaria being a "busy" goddess, she will also require them to pick up a parcel for her along the way. She give the location and instructions along with a picture of the herb.
  3. Camp- They will proceed to the camp entrance to ride the camp van to the docks as Bradley calls his mom for assistance. His mother would tell him there is a son of Poseidon that owes the company a favor down at the docks.
  4. NY Dock w/ Wet Market-The team will be greeted by the son of Poseidon. He will escort the children to the luxury speed boat along with a co-sailor that is son of Palaemon. After the team has given the son of Poseidon coordinations for the island, the team will be ambushed by a group of 10 telekenes where 2 will be taken care of by the co-sailor.(The captain would be unable to help due to him driving the boat.) After defeating the monsters, they wait until dawn. Meanwhile, the speed boat will serve as a resting place for the children for the night.
  5. Uncharted Island- The island appears to them for reach. They thank the Captain as they jump down on the mirage island. As they search the forest for the herbs that is alike to the picture the goddess has given. They suddenly encounter 2 empousas posing as nymphs and defeats them successfully. Paranoid of another attack, the team finds a hut wherethe god of medicine, Asclepius, who freely introduces himself and asks of their wandering. He then proposes a test for the demigods to kill a monster in return for the herb; he does this in order to test their dedication as the herb has proven to be a dangerous source to the enemy. In the island, they must kill a pack of 4 lycans that appear at night. After that, the god will reward them with the herb that has been turned into a syrup already; they also pick up a potion for the goddess from the god.But before they leave the island they meet up with a group of nymph whom tried to make the wquestors stay one of them was a fav of [ersephone told them a way to the underworld through the ocean. They wait until the new dawn before going to the shore to meet the son of Poseidon and Palaemon. They spend the night at the ship before going back to camp shores. They will not meet anymore monsters.
  6. Underworld- They will return to the Underworld with the direction given by macaria .there they were found by the skeleton guard to take them to the goddess while showing them the parcel. They goddess leaves and Sabrina appears behind a green mist. The team will have to force her to drink the potion as she struggles. She then comes back into her senses. The team successfully goes back to camp through the enterance at camp

Users: Broken and Mel


Is this chair of forgetfulness rooted in Greek myth? And why would Persephone put Joy to sleep, why didn't she just rescue her? Why can't Sabrina get out of the chair by herself? So the mission is just to find/rescue Sabrina?

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

According to Mel, the chair is. I'm not sure of why Persephone made Joy sleep as this was Mel's idea. I think it could be so she would not wander into more danger as she cannot just appear to her daughter and directly interfere. The chair, I think, is cursed that only the strong can lift it, so yea, Sabrina can't get out by herself. Yes, the mission is to find/rescue Sabrina. :D{{Broken fire2}}

Hmm couldn't Persephone just send someone/thing to guide her to the palace or something? That wouldn't be direct interference and would make more sense than just putting her to sleep. Also, Macaria doesn't guard the underworld, last I checked, so unless she has a special reason to do so she wouldn't be there

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

Oh, the goddess is a daughter of Hades and stays at the Underworld. Mel and I know she doesn't guard the gates, but we made her stay there. We can also say Persephone asked a favor to tell the questors their mission in exchange to help her get her own potion. About the sending a guide to help her out, would it be possible to say Persephone wanted to test Bradley? and she also met Marcaria on the way who reported to her about the sudden pop-up of the living in the underworld?{{Broken fire2}}

How would the guide helping Joy test Bradley? The rest is fine

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

She wants to see his priority, character, and capabilities to effiently handle the situation with only help from his fellow questors. She, maybe, also wants to see how demi-gods "do" in the new generation. Thanks :){{Broken fire2}}

Okay lastly, why is Bradley getting this quest? He's not a son of Persephone

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

Joy is a daughter of Persephone. She started to cause it by going to the Underworld and taking Sabrina with her. Sabrina only has Aphrodite and Eros to turn to, who Persephone doesn't want to know about the matter, so she sent Bradley as he is well, yea, Sabrina's bf ^^"{{Broken fire2}}


"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

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