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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Ariana,

This is your mother Aphrodite. I know this is the first time ive spoken to you since you got to camp and im sorry for that but i need your help. My love necklace has been stolen. This necklace has the power to make anyone who is wearing it irresistible. It also makes the people around that person fight for him/her. This isnt to hard of a task and the counselors to my cabin are to busy so im asking you. Please Ariana help me.

-Aphrodite, your mother.


Name of Leader:

Ariana Valentine

God Parent:


General idea:

Aphrodite needs Ariana and her team to find her Stolen love Necklace

General idea of monsters they may encounter:

1 Harpies (Defeated somehow at air port but questers get kicked out so the have to take a boat

2 Siren (Shores of Portugal)

3 empousai (Encounter them on a train going through Portugal to France)

4 Cyclopes (Encounter it

General Events

The Questers fight Harpies outside the air port and then after defeating them are force to leave to area by security. They have to find another way which would be by boat and encounter the sirens at the shores of Portugal. They get on a train that goes through Portugal and just as they enter France the empousai attack them. they somehow defeat them and some other events happen and they are left with no transportation to Paris. They find some way to get to paris and then are attacked by the cyclopes.

End game:

In the end, the demigods find out that it was actually a BC Daughter of Aphrodite. She took it because well she is in the BC. She hate her mother for not caring for her and leaving her all alone so, she stole the necklace, From her moms Secret place she take guys to in Paris, to mess with her mom

General idea of locations planned:

New York Airport, outside it (The Harpies: 4)

Shores of portugal (The Siren; 2)

Train going through portuhal (The empousai: 2)
Somewhere in France (The cyclope: 1)

Number of questers desired:

  1. Ariana Valentine
  1. Ryan Black
  1. November Stark

One person im not sure

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