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Labors of Romance

Quest Leader

This quest will be lead by Jacob Evans, son of Nike

Quest Giver

Eros, God of Love and Sexual Attraction


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Jacob,

A boy, carries an amphora of water up a heavy hill. His muscles strain with the effort. It is a hot day and he wants to rest. His brow drips with sweat, as he drops the ceramic pot. It smashes across the ground. Looking down, he frowns and he starts to tremble. As he is about to cry, a hand is placed on his shoulder. Looking up, the boy sees three more boys, each with a smaller jar of water, offering to help him.


General Idea

Nove is kidnapped, and Jacob is selected to go rescue him. To get clues towards Nove’s location, him and his questers have to visit various minor love deities such as Ganymede (cupbearer and god of homosexual love), Himeros (God of Sexual Desire), Pothos (Yearning), and Hermaphroditus. Along the way, Jacob is forced to confront the fact that he’s gay and is essentially forced to come out, but the quest is mainly oriented on him maturing and growing up.

In addition, the fellow members on the quest also face their own lessons. Tyler learns to gain more confidence while Jake learns to let go a bit.


  • 2 sirens before they meet up with Himeros
  • 1  lamia after meeting with Pothos
  • Flesh-eating Sheep before Hermaphroditus

(More can be added)

End Game

It turns out Nove was kidnapped by Eros, who wanted to test to see if Jacob was strong enough to find Nove. The quest was essentially made to encourage him to be honest with his new-found friends, Jake and Tyler. They all receive enchanted clothing from Eros, suited to their personal tastes:

  • Tyler- A tie-dye shirt which can shift colors, acting like camoflage
  • Jacob- A pair of leather riding chaps which increases his running speed
  • Jake- A pair of sunglasses which grant him vision in the dark and through fog & mist


  • Ganymede: Ganymede’s Secret, a male version of Victoria Secret
    • Time Square?
    • Tyler has to step up and be a bit more bold, trying on various briefs, one for each color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple)
      • Picks him since he seems the most nervous of them all
  • Himeros: Romance Novelist
    • Coastal Delaware Town
      • Could use Karkinos if so
    • Jacob has to confront his cockiness with Himeros writing him into his next novel...
  • Pothos: God of Yearning and Unrequited love.
    • Virginia
    • Likes to playfully tease Tyler for being his ‘little brother’
      • Pothos will be son of Zephyrus & Iris, making Tyler his half-brother
  • Hermaphroditus
    • South Carolina
    • Jake is forced to let loose for a bit
      • May or may not involve a Drag Show...
  • Eros
    • Georgia (Point was for them to be going south to a heated state)

Number of Questers

  1. Jacob Evans, Quest Leader, Son of Nike (Fate)
  2. Tyler Young, Son of Iris (Affleck)
  3. Jake Robson, Son of Eros (Xax)



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