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Thanatos has been noticing a disruptive soul who has been constantly refusing to move on and has sent for his children to fetch this soul, as an interruption of any kind would prove disastrous and time consuming. This soul has taken refuge and defending itself with many monsters, only to be trapped by them at the same time. The child of Thanatos and others must locate and save the soul, and then convince it to return with them to Hades.

  • Name of Character:
  • God Parent:
    • Thanatos, God of Death
  • Who is sending them on the Quest?
    • Thanatos
  • Dream if there was one:
The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Deavyd,

Daevyd, there is something I need your help with. A soul that was due is refusing to be collected, mainly out of fear for his fate, and because he has some "unfinished business" on Earth. He had said something about an inheritance before refusing me. I can't wait on him to change his mind. If I lose even one soul, chaos could break out. Now, I need you to find this soul and collect him. His name is John Wendens, and apparently, he's been fending off passer-bys with monsters, they still haven't told me what kind they are, but be ready and have a small group go with you.

Now, the thing about John is, he's always been a crafty one. But he's outdone himself this time. The monsters he persuaded to help him? Well, they've gotten him trapped, and he isn't going anywhere from what I hear. All I need is you to go fend the monsters off, convince John that death isn't torment and endless pain, at least, if he was a good person in life, and bring him to Hades for judgement. I have faith in you.


  • General idea behind the details of the quest:
  • The group needs to fend off monsters attacking a lost soul, collect said soul, and deliver it to Hades for judgement.
  • General idea of monsters they may encounter:
    • Flesh Eating Sheep x1, Keres x3 and Karkinos x2
  • End game:
    • Returning the soul to Hades and bringing favor upon himself and the other demigods.
  • General idea of locations planned:
    • CHB entrance to the airport to LA, California to the Underworld. Then, The River Lethe (River of Oblivion|Where the soul is trapped near the bank, not the river itself.), Hades, and the River Styx (to get in and out of Hades).
  • Number of questers desired (2 to 5 besides the leader)
  •  I've already got 2 others that wish to go (but I would like to have 3-4):
  • Taza Hunter Owned by Enalais
  • Serenity Allison Owned by TheDeadlyOne
  • WIP
  • WIP

Defrether (talk) 19:04, May 28, 2014 (UTC)

Why has the soul refused to move on?

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LevisBoyTears Doing squats so my ass can match my sass Oli ♔

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