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The Quest to Find Aphrodite's Mirror

Quest Leader

Lead by Jamie Dylan Smith, Son of Aphrodite

Quest Giver

Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty, love, pleasure, and procreation.


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Jamie,

Jamie! I'm sorry, but we don't have much time. My mirror is missing! It's so important to me. I have another party to go to, and I can't go without my mirror. Please help. I think that Hephaestus took it, probably to pull a prank on me and to get all the other Olympians laughing at my hideous appearence. Which, of course, is next to impossible, but without this mirror I CANNOT GO ON! Please help me Jamie. I think Hephaestus took it across the country, near California and Nevada. To find the exact location of my mirror, you should ask the Erotes who are located there. Pothos is in the Nevada desert. We are on good terms and if Hephaestus really hid it there, they would probably know. Beware, for the monsters are restless. Good luck son!


General Idea

Aphrodite's mirror is stolen, and she thinks it is Hepheastus pulling a prank on her again. The mirror is magical and makes Aphrodite look her best. Without it, Aphrodite thinks she looks horrible even though she doesn't really. Still, she needs it. Jamie is selected to find it, and he and his quest mates travel across the country to find it. Along the way, Jamie comes to terms with his best friend's death while battling monsters and visiting "friends" of Aphrodite's who might know where the mirror is exactly. 


-Kampe, who is at first disguised as an old lady, attacks them on the plane to Utah

-Two Empousai while on train ride to find the Erotes

-Attacked by Chrysaor the winged bull

-A group of Keres after finding Pothos

-Himeros messes with their heads a little bit, causing conflict between the members

(more to be added later)

End Game

Jamie finally accepts the death of his best friend and becomes good friends with the other quest members. They reach California where Hephaestus is hiding the mirror and get it from him using trickery. Hephaestus stole it because he wanted Aphrodite to look bad in front of the other Olympians. 


Camp Half Blood - starting point

JFK Airport

Utah - Attacked by Empousai

Nevada - Attacked by Chrysaor

Nevada - Walks through Nevada deserts and has heart to heart moments before being attacked by Keres

Nevada - Finds Pothos and gets advice pinpoints mirror to California and gets directions to Himeros

California - Find Himeros and forces him to tell them where the mirror is

California - Finds the mirror and tricks Hephaestus

Number of Questers

Jamie Dylan Smith, Strawberrywaters.

Daniel Chase, AriLovesIt

Nia Oakley, A Son Of Hades

Ariana Valentine, ~The Musician~

Killian Hartman, DrXax

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what is the significant of that mirror please explain? Thats the only thing thats bothering me thus far soo yeah please explain ><

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To me the point of this quest seems a bit redundant - if you wanted characters to make friendships, why wouldn't you roleplay them going on a road trip or something? To me, this quest seems a little pointless, so instead of doing it for the entertainment of the gods, could you think of another reason as to why Heph would steal the mirror?

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Please can you add a little more detail with regards to locations and events? The quest seems very much like a wild goose chase where the campers go somewhere, eg: Nevada, fight a monster, move and then eventually find Pothos and Himeros. It works for the idea of a quest, but a lot of the preliminary action just may not adhere to a strict plot. As a quest claimer, it is hard to see where the quest is going.

I also wonder why the erotes would know the location of the mirror, why Aphrodite can't ask them herself and also, how the campers plan to "trick" Hephaestus, so please add or clarify these details as necessary.

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Denied due to the quest claim being inactive for over one month, the owner of this quest claim having been marked as "User Left", and the quest leader character (Jamie Dylan Smith) having been deleted.

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