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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Cheryl,

Two of my children have stayed in the Lotus Casino for a very long time now. I haven't gotten the chance to actually retrieve them since I am so busy watching over my other children who are scattered around the world. I would like to ask your half-siblings who are running the cabin but I figured that they have too much on their hands already. I ask that you travel to the Casino and guide your half-siblings safely back to camp.

-Your father, Dionysus

General idea

Character: Cheryl Anders

God Parent: Dionysus

General Idea: Two of Dionysus' children have always been stuck in the Lotus Casino and Dionysus hasn't gotten the time to send a satyr and guide them back to camp. Dionysus asks Cheryl and a couple of her friends if she can travel to the Casino and guide the two back to camp safely.

Location and Monsters

  • Camp- questors meet up here
  • Airport- NY airport. take plane to Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Airport- Depart from plane, attacked by 5 hellhounds here
  • Taxi- Discuss where their next move
  • Hotel- afternoon, arrive at a hotel (not the Casino!), attacked by two harpies in an empty room, stay for a night
  • Taxi- drive down to the casino
  • Lotus Casino- look for Cheryl's half-siblings, finds them, attacked by an Empousai who wanted to attack the half-bloods [two siblings]. they steal a car for transportation
  • Car- drive down to the airport, explain the half-siblings who they are and what the greek gods are
  • airport- fly down to long island
  • camp boarders- reach camp, no monster attacks.

End game: once the questors find the two children of Dionysus, they steal a car and drive back to the airport. on the drive to the airport, the questors explain to the Dionysus kids about their background and everything about the greek gods etc... they fly back safely to camp.


  1. Cheryl Anders, daughter of Dionysus, owned by Pandora (leader of the quest)
  2. Marcellus Ryder, son of Hades, owned by Hydro
  3. Kevin Blazer, son of Pandia, owned by Broken


Pandy-LSP render“Oh my glob!! Drama bomb!”~Pandora


What do you mean by the empousais were guarded by wine spirits sent by Dionysus? Why send his child Cheryl instead of a mere satyr or the spirits?Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

okay fixed. >.<" (for the empousais thingy) for the next question u had, Dionysus send Cheryl because he wanted to make sure that both of his children were safe and that demigods could explain things better than satyrs or spirits since they have gone through the same thing she has. (basically he wants a person who can really explain things and make a person calm... if that makes sense.... XD)

Pandy-LSP render“Oh my glob!! Drama bomb!”~Pandora

Approved1 Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

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