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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Anja,

I know I may be one of the last people you would want to hear from, but I am in a desperate situation and cannot leave Tartarus to ameliorate it myself. Considering the increase of Demititans coming together, the Titans Hyperion, Koios and Krios have teamed up once again and have taken over the palaces of the Anemoi. They have kicked out the children of the Anemoi and are holding the Anemoi themselves captive. (Iapetus, on the other hand, still affected by his swim in the Lethe, has not joined forces with his brothers that helped him hold down Ouranos.) This is something that the world does not need to happen again. I need you and as many people as you can get to take on these Titans before they destroy their specific Anemoi. Krios and Hyperion have moved the palaces of their Anemoi to certain points in North America. From what I can see, Hyperion has moved the palace of Eurus to the Chrysler building. At every location, these Titans have left a proxy to represent themselves, in some cases a powerful Demititan, and in others a monster under their control. I will give you something to defeat the Titans' proxies after you weaken them. I've tasked you with this job simply because it is my duty to keep the Titans imprisoned, and only Aeolus and I even know this is happening. But Aeolus is fearful of sending a team to take down this Titans, in case they are beaten just like the three Anemoi were, so please do not take any child of a wind God. Don't bring children of major Olympians, either, for if the Olympians find out this has happened through their children, they may think I cannot do my job correctly. I'd advise you to take a child of Titan because they may come in handy.


Three Titans (Koios, Hyperion and Krios) are trying to take back their positions as controllers of their three respective corners of the world. (Iapetus, the fourth corner Titan, is still recovering from memory loss.) First Anja and the team go to Hyperion and defeats his proxy. After freeing Eurus, Eurus gives them information as to where Krios is holding Notus. Then they move onto defeating Krios' proxy.

After defeating Krios and getting information as to where Koios is holding Boreas, the campers meet with Anja’s mother in Miami and hear odd stories from Anja’s mother about a teenage boy doing odd things with water against some harpies. The boy is James' eponymous Poseidon char. After the questers explain the reason behind their expedition, Anja’s mother tells the questers about a little run-in she'd had with Koios. Once they arrive at Quebec, the questers then take on the Titan Perses' proxy and then finally Koios' proxy.

All of the questers will receive their gifts once Krios is defeated. Anja: A CB sword given to her by Notus. Tartarus assisted in designing the sword, enabling the wielder to open portals into and out of Tartarus at will. Normal Tartarus children can already freely transport themselves between Tartarus and the mortal world, but this sword enables Anja to bring non-Tartarus children along with her. The sword can only be wielded by a child of Tartarus, however, and the portals it creates only remain open for several seconds. Xanxus: A ring that goes on the proximal (first) finger of the hand. It is made of stone (therefore fire resistant) and has a knockback effect that takes and reflects all force that collides directly with the ring and area of the fist. It is passive and is always in effect but can be turned off if the owner wishes it to be. The knockback's strength depends on the strength of the collision. For example, if a car were to collide directly with Xanxus's fist, then the ring would reverse the direction of the car's force, bouncing the car backwards and away from the user. The force exerted by the ring on the car is about half of the force that the car exerted on the ring. (The remaining half of the force is released as a light gust of wind radiating from the point of impact.) If a punch were to connect with Xanxus's fist, the attacker's arm would bounce back slightly, and Xanxus' arm would not move at all. The maximum amount of force the ring can deflect is about 30000N, which is approximately the force that a mid-sized car going at 50 miles per hour exerts upon collision (F=ma, with m=1500kg and a=20m/s). Ahren: A spear that harness Ahren’s and the people nearby's rage. The spear makes people nearby less angry and blasts rage energy out of the tip. It can store small amounts of rage energy for a day and after a day of rage energy being stored in it, the rage energy starts sipping out and the temperature of the spear starts rising. The spear can shrink to the size of a pen when a part of the shaft is slid down and can turn back to its original size when Ahren puts rage energy into it Aria Darkclock: A silver and underworld sapphire necklace that keeps her emotions, feelings and thoughts in check, therefore reducing the chance of Violet taking control. Aria Shen: A watch that grants Aria more powerful gravitational control, allowing her to form a localized singularity with a radius of up to 50 meters. Any objects drawn past the event horizon will appear to slow down until they freeze in place (time dilation). Correspondingly, the hands on the watch will appear to move more slowly until they, too, freeze. (Actual time is passing as usual.) Aria can maintain the singularity for as long as she has energy, but doing so is as draining as using her 9-month powers. When the singularity dissipates, the frozen objects vanish, as they have already been disintegrated by the singularity’s immense gravity. Time on the watch resumes passing as usual. It is possible for Aria to stop the singularity early, before the objects freeze in place, to prevent them from disintegration. After using such a destructive and taxing power, Aria will be exhausted and cannot actively use her other powers for 24 hours

Stop 1: Chrysler Building. Things need to fight: Child of Hyperion that has been possessed by Hyperion. Monsters: 3 Amicoids on the way to the Chrysler building, 1 Storm spirit. This is where they fight the Titan Hyperion, releasing Eurus from his prison Stop 2: Tulsa, Oklahoma. Monsters fought there: Lamai. They are there because of a stop over travel to where Notus is being held Stop 3: JP Morgan Chase tower. Child of Krios that has been taken over by Krios and it's powers are stronger than normal. Monsters fought there: 1 southern storm spirit. The go here because it is where Hyperion is keeping Notus captive. Stop 4: Miami. After freeing Notus, he sends them to his granddaughter’s home using the gods special transportation/air travel, to see Anja’s mother. Before Notus sends them to Anja’s house, he tells them to tell Anja’s mother, which happened to be a daughter of Notus, to help them not matter what and that his brother, Boreas, was being held captive in his own town, Quebec. They stay at Anja’s house for a while before leaving for the airport, thanks to Anja’s mother getting tickets to Quebec. At the airport, Anja and Nin use their powers over shadows so that they can skip through customs without worries. Before leaving for Quebec, they get attacked by a flock of Stymphalian birds. Stop 5: Quebec. Once Koios took over Boreas’s palace, he left it where it was and took his nephew, Perses, out from Tartarus to help him keep his new palace. The questers arrive safely in Quebec and are met by the Boreads. The Boreads take the quests to Boreas palace, only to find Perses is stationed at the door and the Boreads left once they say Perses. Perses fights them outside, causing a lot of destruction. Once defeating him, the questers go up stairs and fight Krios, Anja getting a little emotional because of what her mother told Anja about when she fought Krios. After they defeat Krios, Tartarus gives them their gifts not in person but through some Northern Storm spirits that just reformed. Anja then finds out what her sword can do and takes everyone back to camp. Child of Perses that has been possessed by Perses, making its powers stronger than normal, like the other demititans, child of Koios that is like the other demititans. 1 Northern Storm spirit


Now where do I start with this?

  • Ok the first problem I have with this is them fighting a god. Not just a god representative nor something equal to a god but a god times three. I love the idea of how well thought out this plan is I do but can 5 mere demigods fight against four gods without any "encouragement"? Think about that for a moment. Now think about the god. Kiosk have power on magnetic field don't you think he'll be able to "abuse" that power? Won't that make some of the demigods powers useless? (mainly the ones about stars and gravity?) that's just one god now try and imagine fighting the other 3. Yes you can argue there's gonna be a rest period but even on your first stop you mention fighting three Amicoids which is a medium monster. So do you think that the demigod can handle that?
  • I'm gonna leave the quest idea for now cause I think you need to fix what I mention but I do need to highlight the gifts. One, I thought we agreed legacy have no powers on camp. So her having the ability to control wind is out of the question. Next to that is the tartarus thing is waaay overboard and I say this because not even hades kids can make portals to the underworld and he's the king of the underworld. Yeah maybe you could say its a gift thus it is plausible but from a natural standpoint a portal to tartarus would that be a vacation spot? I dont think so. Yes I also noticed that you said "travel anywhere she likes" not tartarus but that would be OP in itself cause if you check the power set of ALL the wind god kids they would say that "using their powers would drain them greatly" so is it fair to them when your char could go anywhere she likes? Plus you forget that Noctus is just for the summer months the other months he's practically useless.
  • Second gift I'm gonna complain about is .... xanxus ... and we start with a science lesson. As we all know about the rule of motion. "When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body." So ok the gem here is "force" so if the so call stone absorb the force? where does it go? This is camp we still follow the laws of physics. (alternative though you can say the stone absorb it and then releases it some other time which can be a benefit for you. Still I would add "there's a limit to how much force the stone can take" cause if the stone can take a lightning bolt that would make it a tiny bit OP)
  • Ahren magical spear.. hmm question when it "absorb" anger does it make people around him feel less angry?
  • Nata... you made me read your gift 20 times... and all I'm gonna ask on it is to whether its just a power upgrade or does it make something else happen cause I cant even understand what you wrote...(dont know if its my english or my brain exploding...)

thats all for now folks... please dont give me another headache. Of course you guys are always welcome to argue your points just... make it understandable (please nata you love me dont you?) either way good luck guys

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Hey Mel! It's been a while, but I fixed up some of our grammar and revised the plot/gifts to meet your suggestions :D

  • The questers will be fighting proxies of the Titans, not the Titans themselves, so they'll still have a chance haha
  • I removed the Notus part of Anja's gift and specified exactly what her portals can do. The Tartarus kid powerset already lets Tartarus kids travel into Tartarus freely, so having this gift wouldn't be OP.
  • I added some physics to the description of Xanxus' ring and specified a maximum force the ring could handle.
  • I added that Ahren's magical spear absorbs anger from himself and those around him.
  • Yeah, Aria's gift is just a power upgrade xD She can create points of very strong gravitational pull, but she can maintain them only briefly, and she won't be able to actively use any of her powers for an entire day afterwards.

Hope you can understand it better now xD Stalk my profile! wishing whirling waving wandering stars  Read my blogs! 00:41, October 16, 2016 (UTC)

....nice touch but let me just ask you a few other things nata

  • What are the powers of these proxies? would they have the ability to summon other monsters? Yes their just proxies but even Zeus in swam form can get a demigod... what less can a proxy of a few titans do?...
  • ok I read the powers and I noticed that "they dont have to wait 9 days and night" does that mean those she brings DIRECTLY go to Tartarus?
  • I was HOPING someone would catch this... but we had an agreement that NO priestess would have their god parent powers... regardless of who that person is... So now... yes Anja is the child of Tartarus but she's also Hestia priest .. So as per the rule state no powers .... Yet you may argue your points..
  • ...nice touch with the math equation nata really nice but you forget to add on air resistance as well as friction. Still tell me how it can be turned off (as you've said) and as per argument sake let me just ask you this ... what would happen if the ring was "off" and then a car hit him? or he was punched would the ring still have the same effect?
  • the power up of the spear .. so it give anyone a blast when they get stabbed? question what would happen when the spear isn't a spear? would it still absorb anger? if yes where does it store these so call powers? Is there a maximum? If there's a scare of "anger" would the spear provoke Ahren to get some power? please elaborate
  • your gift still confuse me >.< (had to ask someone and that 'someone' was of no help (I know your reading this someone stop stalking!)) still let me just ask you one thing... would people be effected too?

thats all the confusion I can take today...good luck

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Hey Melonnnnnnnn!

  • You know how Kronos possessed Luke Castellan in the last PJO book? That's how the proxies would work. Each Titans takes over a mortal body of one of their supporters, and in that form they have access to much weaker forms of their own powers. The Titans' own forms are still stuck in Tartarus, so they can't come up and fight with their own bodies. For the sake of eliminating any concerns about OPness, let's say that they cannot summon monsters, but they do have a loyal group of supporters, demigods and monsters alike.
  • Yup, she brings them directly to Tartarus. Before you ask, I feel like this power wouldn't be OP, since there are very few times when anyone would actually need to bring their friends to Tartarus. Most of the time, this extra power would be useless, and in the very rare occasions that it wouldn't be, all it would do is reduce a wait time. It's not an offensive or defensive ability; it's just something to save time :)
  • Could you link me to the voting or the written policy for the priest agreement? There are lots of priest characters who use their godparents' powers on our wiki. For example, Grandpa Toxy has a son of Eurus, Leon Mitchel, who happens to be a priest of Aeolus. Yet Leon uses Eurus' powerset, not Aeolus'. The closest information I can find about that priest agreement is Template:Priest Powers, and it says that they "tend to have the traits of the children of the god they represent," not that they'll always have all of that god's powerset for sure. Also, it makes no sense for a demigod to switch to a different god's powerset after they become a priest to them, in my opinion. They're not like like nymphs, whose powers change because their life forces become tied to something else.
  • Mel, air resistance is negligible unless you are going REALLY fast or falling for REALLY long. REALLY fast as in "I'm plummeting from the sky at 100mph" and REALLY long as in "I've been falling for half a minute and still haven't hit the ground." Air friction is closely related to air resistance. I could go more in-depth and explain it like this, but I don't want to teach a physics lesson and I doubt you'll want to listen to one xD Percy can summon Riptide to him just by concentrating on it really hard, so Xanxus would be able to turn his ring off by focusing really hard. When it's off, it would just be a normal ring, so a car would run him over and a punch would knock him back.
  • The spear doesn't have an alternate form, so it can only remain a spear. Inconvenient, but not all demigods need a transforming weapon xD It doesn't blast rage energy whenever Ahren stabs people; he controls when it releases the rage energy and when it doesn't. It's like how Xanxus mentally controls the "on/off" of his ring. The blast the spear emits cannot destroy things like a laser blast, but if it hits anyone, it'll fill them with rage and cloud their judgment with anger. In battle, where there's a lot of angry people from which the spear can draw rage energy, it can only be used once every fifteen minutes. In regular situations, where there's not a lot of angry people nearby, its rage blast feature can't be used at all. The spear doesn't "store" rage energy for extended periods of time, unlike a battery, but if it's surrounded by an abundance of anger (e.g.: in battle), it can blast out as much anger as it can intake.
  • Yup, people would be affected too. Aria controls gravity, one of the fundamental forces of the universe, so her powers make no distinction between living things and nonliving things. It wouldn't differentiate between her allies and enemies, either. The only person her powers wouldn't affect is herself, since she's the one who was control over them, after all.

Haha I'm the only person in the group editing this, so I don't think they even know that I'm changing their gifts rip

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To be clear this is just a session to ask question and if these questions are answered it would be ready to be claim

....yes I just put a disclaimer on a claim so lets start nata our dance of pure confusion where you explain and I ask more question!

  • first and foremost are these "proxies" demigods (as you used a demigod example) and are their followers demigods as well? (I'm gonna ask this now to make it easier later cause imagine asking this in the middle of the please include the demigod of choice while your added just to make it simpler in the long run and as an added suggestion I would put in a rough estimate on how many followers they have just so that it would be easier to fight and count) (added bonus if you just say "some have monster while others that cant have monster have demigod followers just for know stuff..) </end suggestion>
  • oh wow a visit to the deepest level of hell my dream come true...Still I would want to ask how long these people can stay there cause the power sets specifically mentioned how long so would this have the same effect
  • "If you have an oracle, priest or Priestess that is also a demigod they may have both power sets, as the power sets for the oracles, priests and priestesses are very very passive, HOWEVER they will be counted as a major character. " top page of this one so if you pass this one then disregard this also the reason why most would not notice that would be cause they're the same wind god so most would catch it..
  • And this is how everyone know we're both asian we're talking about maths on a claim... we should win an award for this nata still you did forget on how some energy would be lost when conversion happen...right?
  • This is a mere suggestion but how about just making it portable by making it pen size (like super small) then when it needs to be activated you just shake it and it becomes a spear (like I said mere suggestion) Also rather than saying "it cant store any powers for any long period" you say it would malfunction a bit? like feeling hot and making small fires (Samsung anyone?) then it can make for a bit more comical thing with the added bonus of being able to save "some" power (and by some we can say like solar energy save during the day use it at night and if its not use it would go somewhere else)
  • In all honesty I still dont get the powers.. so I'm just gonna be the blonde and nod *nod*

so thats all I have to ask here nata good luck and I promise you I'll try and come back as soon as possible

P.S: if you want you can just trade in the quest leader if you like :P

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Finally I beat Nata to this

  • The proxies are all demigods and the followers are a combination of monsters and demigods
  • It would be the same amount of time, unless Anja finds a way to keep them in there
  • I haven't learnt anything about any conversion, meaning I'm completely lost, so I'll just skip the question and get Nata to answer it later
  • I changed it to what you said Mel but instead of shaking, rage energy had to be put into it the get it to grow. And I also put the idea of the spear being able to hold energy for a day

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....*throws confetti* congratz? I think? still comments..

  • I know but what I'm suggesting is for you to list them down... this is gonna help you in the long run cause imagine one person fighting an aphro kid and then the next you find out the aphro kid became a siren. That isn't a good idea and I dont want you guys to fight about that later on...
  • new question she opened up a portal for one person left that person behind then the next day opened up another one would it be at the same spot?
  • You guys haven't answered or explain anything on this and its key >.<
  • ok then if summer is fine with it we can move on?

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  • I just thought the ones they would fight are children of the certain titans, meaning it would be simpler way for the titans to take over their bodies. So hopefully me saying that counts as listing them down
  • Yes it would
  • (I hope you mean the ring's powers) The idea for the ring was basically that it adsorbs the energy then reflects the energy somewhere else. The ring basically acts like a battery for the energy.

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Woooo boy it's the robot unicorn again, just adding onto what Jam Man said xD

  • "And this is how everyone know we're both asian we're talking about maths on a claim... we should win an award for this nata still you did forget on how some energy would be lost when conversion happen...right?" -- xD yes, we can both win the "Most Stereotypical Asian on CHBRP" award for 2016! Also, since the collision between Nin's ring and incoming objects is elastic, no energy is lost. I could show you the mathematical proof for this, but, again, I doubt you'd want to see it because it doesn't look much better than the first equation I linked...
  • "You guys haven't answered or explain anything on this and its key >.<" -- I'm not sure what "this" refers to, but if you mean Nin's ring, I just have to point out that in 2012-13, many wind god kids like Toxy's Leon Mitchel had rings much like the original plan for Nin's ring (could bounce back objects). Those rings were a lot stronger than the depowered version we changed Nin's ring to now, and they also were a lot less fleshed out (nowhere near as much physics behind them). So since this kind of ring already exists on the wiki, I'd argue that the physics-supporting, less OP version of the ring Nin has now would definitely be acceptable

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Ok this is gonna be my last comment here

  • PLEASE just list it down like seriously I'm thinking about you guys cause this is a quest and having some sort of plan won't hurt...
  • please explain your powers in the simplest possible matter nata please

like I said this is my last comment cause you guys can both disregard this and still see it being passed but I just want to help you guys make this a bit more simpler in the future

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  • Ok I've sorta done that in the monster and maps part
  • Cause it needs to be simple, I'll explain it. The watch for Nata's Aria makes a black hole or singularity, depending on what you want to call it, that will make living objects, apart from Aria, in a 50 metre radius slow down like time itself was slowing down.

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I give up... have fun


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