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Quest Reason: Morpheus's crown has been stolen. The thief wants to use it to wake Gaia up. To cover his tracks, the thief's spy, acting as a servant of Morpheus, blamed it on a ghost serving Melinoe. Morpheus had gotten Hypnos to put them in a deep sleep, so that Morpheus can trap Raphiel in a dream. But Hypnos thinks he and Morpheus acted to rashly, and wanted to wake the kids up. Morpheus also trapped Marzena, Hypnos's daughter, in the dream, forcing Hypnos not to do anything, as Morpheus can kill Marzena. Morpheus is now threatening to kill Raphiel and Marzena if his crown isn't returned soon.

Places: Camp Half-Blood (Start), Central Park, Underworld, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and finally Mount Tam.

Monsters: Ghosts (2), Keres (4), Procrustes, Dracnae (5), Earthborn (3), and boss monster Porphyrion.

Quest Mates: 2 others

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