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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Samael,

I have noticed that you were cursed by a rogue child of Hecate to drink one's blood. But your relatives were influenced to hate and abuse you. I'd rather not have you harm people in order to sustain your thirst for blood. I dont even know why the chid would have against you but I can't stand you being in this state long enough. If you can beat him or her in combat, then he or she will have to revert you back to normal. Then I will personally visit you.


Mission Overview

Before coming to camp, Samael was and unknown to him, cursed by a child of Hecate to drink the blood of others. The rogue child was Samael's cousin, and grew jealous of Samael. because his father was Hades. During the quest, Samael will be plagued by nightmares of the abuse he had endured, Mason is able to soothe him back to sleep for about three times. The nightmares will intensify each time he getrs closer. And the thirst for blood will increase.


  1. Samael Isaac, son of Hades (Shis)
  2. Mason Quell, son of Ariadne (D3)
  3. Dante Tremblay, son of Thanatos (Onyx)
  4. Antinko Khilkov, son of Eros (Gruff)


  1. Camp Half Blood Entrance: They Will leave the Camp and head towards John F. Kennedy International Airport.
  2. John F. Kennedy International Airport: They get attacked by a pack of Hellhounds. They do manage to get on board.
  3. YVR International Airport (Vancouver, BC, Canada): They get off the plane and head off the local bus station to get picked up. While they were waiting. They get attacked by a Manticore. one of them gets poisoned by the spikes. They are able to fend it off by summoning the undead and ghosts.
  4. Merritt, BC, Canada: Samael's home town, he gets visits of his old friends while his family wished he was dead.


  1. Twenty Hellhounds at JFK International Airport
  2. A Manticore at Bus Station in Vancouver
  3. Hyperborean giant.
  4. Rogue Child of Hecate


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Sorry about the wait.. how will Hades manage to "force" him to undo the curse?

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Okay so like, if Samael defeats the demigod, the curse is lifted? And why/how did he get the curse in the first place?

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"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

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