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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Jessica,

Jessica, my dear, I need your help. I know I haven't kept in touch with you in any way, but this time it's important. The item you need to retrieve is the Gorgoneion. The Gorgoneion is a protective pentant that give the wearer protection and more. But, it has been stolen by a child of Hades. I need you to retrieve it. But not alone. Gather a few demigods to help you along the way. The child is somewhere in Washington State. May the best of luck to you and your group.



The child of Hades, Bruce was blessed by Hebe of long life to protect and guard the pendant in the Underwold so no one could use it as the own will and make them more powerful. But, Bruce discovered that it was no ordinary pendant, but the Gorgoneion. He went against the God's command and stole the pendant to become more powerful than the gods. Bruce soon discovered the pendant had more power than he expected and caused havoc. Jessica is sent to defeat Bruce and retrieve the pendant.

Locations and Monsters

  • Camp Entrance
  • Washita Battlefield in Virginia and come across three Harpies
  • Board to plane to Colorado
  • The Ludlow Tent Colony Site where a demigod gives them info to where Bruce's exact location is.
  • About 4 hellhounds at the Denver International Airport
  • Lastly, the Chimera in Seattle, Washington.


Bruce discovers the group of demigods and takes them on. Though with the pendant on Bruce, it's nearly impossible to defeat Bruce. With the help of a demigod from Jessica's team, they're able to break the rope around Bruce's neck, though he is badly wounded after because of the blow from Bruce. The team manages to defeat Bruce and Jessica retreaves the pendant and an Apollo kid heals the demigod. Athena arrives and are given much thanks. Jessica gives Athena the pendant and places the pendant back into the Underworld, deeper into the Underworld.


Aradia Megido Sig We have to be prepared to die a thousand deaths. ~Dragon


According to the Template:Oizys Powers, it doesn't give the children the power to enter the Underworld. So, who helped Bruce? Also, if the son of Hades was given long life, then he must've been powerful. By time, he should've improved his skills and by being chosen, he must be worthy. He's at his peak in the Underworld, so how could he lose to a son of Oizys?Smiley-sad055 There is a crime, but no criminal; does that even make sense? ★❣Broken❣★ Jap32


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