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Hecate's Spellbook has been stolen by a rouge child of hers, if the child can decipher the spell's secret codes and use the book's spells. He can use Hecate's powerful spells and use it to help in his plans to overthrow her. Lady Hecate was furious at her son, realizing he must've stole it from two of her torchbearing nymphs. So she send a rather powerful son of hers, Drake to go off with a small group of demigods and to retrieve the book.


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Drake,

"Son, now I know you have alot of work to do. With running my cabin and taking care of your siblings, but one of your half siblings Roland has stolen one of my spellbooks. He hates me and wants to use the book to overthrow me. It's only a matter of time before he deciphers my encryption and managed to learn my spells. He was last spotted in Canada, so I need you to lead a quest to find my spellbook. Perhaps taking another one of your siblings would be a good idea, Uriel seems rather powerful." The dream abruptly ends



  1. (CHB) The questors will depart and head off for the quest.
  2. (Bus Station) Drake and company arrive to the bus station where they intend to head off to Canada, but a small Hydra quickly attacks the trio.
  3. (Canada) After getting off the bus and heading off towards a source of magical energy Drake and Uriel detect, they are surprised to see it was a trap left by Roland (The rouge Hecate child) The trap being a spell circle that quickly summons a Manticore that attacks the questors.
  4. (Roland's Hideout) After defeating the Manticore, Drake manages to use the spell circle left by Roland to find his hideout. The trio manages to fight off Roland and his powerful spells and reclaim the book for Hecate.


  1. Drake Cooper (Hecate, Owned by Hydro)
  2. Noella Maron (Apollo, Owned by Kane)
  3. Uriel Cohen (Hecate, Owned by Bowen)



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