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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Kiel,

My son, how have you been? Right, "well." Well, please forgive me. I know you hate small talk but I am sincerely proud of how you've grown. Now, I am asking you for an urgent favor. 2 out of my 50 beloved Nereids have escaped the palace and wandered onto the Pacific region, specifically the Philippines. I want you to find them and return them to Atlantis immediately. Take your girlfriend and other demigods (thirdwheels xD). If you succeed, Ares (girlfriend's father) might finally give you credit, while I shall reward you all handsomely.


  • Name of Quest Leader (God Parent): Zaphkiel Wu (Son of Poseidon)
  • Who is sending them on the Quest? Poseidon
  • Number of Questers: 4 (C.o. Poseidon/Broken, C.o. Ares/Blue, C.o. Hecate/Ri, C.o. Apate/Mel)
  • General Idea: The counselor woke up to a dream from Poseidon. He finds a mystical pearl necklace, which glows upon close proximity with a Nereid, under his pillow. The pearls can be detached and still useful; however, only the locket will show the appearance of the Nereid. 2 out of the 50 beloved Nereids have escaped the palace and wandered onto the Pacific region, specifically the Philippines. Being an admirer of the Nereids, who were supposedly under his command, Poseidon asks his son and two other questers to find the Nereids and return them to Atlantis. Normally, he wouldn't be as alarmed; however, it had already been 6 months of no return. After a few searches, the team realizes one of the nymphs (NESO) is merely a supporter of her sisters' choices. Meanwhile, the other nymph (NESAIE) has fallen in love with a pretentious demigod, who is angered at Poseidon stealing his girlfriend. The questers will have to take the couple apart strategically.
  • General idea of locations planned:
  1. Camp Entrance: Questers meet and head towards the airport.
  2. JFK International Airport: Questers ride the plane to NAIA (Philippine airport). No complications.
  3. NAIA Terminal: Upon arrival, two empousas disguised as promoters will attack. Team must defeat them.
  4. Sofitel Philippine Plaza: The questors book into the hotel Poseidon had prepared for them. They will sleep, eat breakfast, and wake up to a new day.
  5. Random Locations: Since it is a logical choice to assume Nereids need water, the team will split up and choose one location each. Every member then tries to find the nymphs in areas near bodies of water (but to no avail). This not-so-important section is basically to add more shape to the quest.
  6. SM Mall of Asia: This is another location that is beside the ocean. Here, the nymph-locating-pearls will glow; however, a truck will pass, and the demigods will fail to see the Nereids. Instead, the questors will find two hungry cyclopses.
  7. Sofitel Philippine Plaza: After a long day, the questers return to the hotel. Somehow, the team will split up to enjoy recreational activities. Both groups will find one Nereid and somehow convince them of returning to Poseidon. NESO, secretly wanting to return to Atlantis, is easy to recruit. Drama happens, and NESAIE finds out she's being used by the demigod and happily agrees to leave.
  8. The Sea (Endgame): The team will face the ocean, where Kiel will summon aquatic creatures to bring them to Atlantis. They will then receive memorabilia from Poseidon and return to Camp Half-Blood shore.

NOTE: As the users participating are busy, the quest page will not be set-up immediately. Nonetheless, it will still be continued.
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