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Leader: Lianna Moore child of Hermes

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Lianna,

Hey Lianna! Long time no see, right? So, um, my Cap of Invisibility was stolen. No, I didn't loose, it, it was stolen from me. I was in Las Vegas when it was stolen from me. I'm the god of gamblers and thieves so the "City of Sin" is a place where I go in my free time. I never thought that I'd be the one who was being stolen from. So, I need you to go get it back. Someone less handsome and striking then me is using it to brew all sorts of troubles, for the gods, demigods, and mortals. I need your help, Lianna. Don't disappoint me!


General Idea: Someone has stolen Hermes' Cap of Invisibility and Lianna and four others have to go track it down. It's location? Las Vegas, Nevada. They have to get it back and return it to Hermes before things go wrong with the god, and fast.



Locations and Monsters:

Camp Half Blood Entrance: Meet up and leave for airport, no monsters Airport, New York: No monsters, just frozen yogurt and a long plane ride to Vegas. Airport, Las Vegas: They're attacked by a hell hound who got their sent.

Information Desk, Las Vegas: Get some information from an Communication/Messenger Nymph about where the cap is, and how to not become effected by the Casino's spell. No monsters

Cave, Red Rock Canyon: Here the group find a lampade nymph, and they ask her to give them a herb to withstand the spell. She gives them (after bribing) moly, thus making them withstand the spells for a short period of time. No monsters.

Lotus Casino and Hotel:They only have 30 minutes to get in and out. See Endgame Part 1

Outside the Hotel: They're attacked by the Manticore, who was attracted to the scent of the demigods and the Cao. They defeat the Manticore but the Cap has disappeared.

Information Desk, Again: They ask the nymph who took it. This time, very limited, she tells them that a goddess took it. Someone who is all about lying. They figure out that it was Apate who took it. She had sent the Manticore after them. She had planned it all from the start, she knew that Dolos was going to steal it because she told him about it. 

Floyd Lamb Park Las Vegas: The group confront Apate. See Endgame Part 2

Camp Half Blood: They arrive and are grateful to be back home.

Endgame Part  1

Dolos took it, using it to cause more trickery and treachery among the mortals, being invisible to even the gods and demigods, he hoped to get away with it. The group finds him at a gambling table where a battle ensures. Dolos's powers confuse the group until Lianna has a revalation and stabs herself in the hand with an arrow, freeing her mind from Dolos's tricks. She attacks him, his facade leaving the others who defeat him in battle. They take the cap from him and he disappears. They try to leave, but the moly begins to wear off. It takes some internal battles to make it out before it wears off.

Endgame Part 2

After confronting Apate, they go into a battle with her for the cap, which she stole to use against the gods and fuel a war that would increase her domain of power because of all the deceit. Her tricks blind the group, making them see their worst nightmares. But, remembering from their last fight they pinch at themselves to remind them that it isn't real, but it;s very hard. When they break free, they discover that she isn't a very powerful fighter, being used to her enemies running away or going insane. They defeat her, and Hermes appears. He thanks them, and takes the cap back. He asures them that Zeus would hear about Apate's betrayal to start a war. As a little thank-you, he save them the trouble of going back the hard way and 'teleports' them back to Camp in New York.


  1. Lianna Moore Child of Hermes, owned by Momo
  2. Balthazar Bane Cild of Hermes, owned by Dudungbrader  (Idk how to shorten it?)
  3. Sealtiel Shaughnessy Child of Apate, owned by Hyu
  4. Lynn Conners Child of Apate, owned by Rlb
  5. Reserved

Momo was here (talk)


For Dolos and Apate, why would they do such things to Hermes?Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

It was nothing personal. Hermes has an iteam of power, and Apate and Dolos wanted to use it to cause grief and trouble between everyone. 

Momo was here (talk)

On the endgame, what's a "moly?" o.oSuch is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

It's the same plant/weed that Hermes gave to Odysseus when going to Circe's island. It's like the multi-vitamins from the second book.

Momo was here (talk)

Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

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