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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Jennifer,

My daughter, Astraea, has gone missing. I usually know where she is, but she is nowhere to be found.

I am sending you on a quest to find her and bring her to me. She was last seen in Rome, probably visiting Dike.

When you need to find me, look to the Eastern sky at dusk.


Main Questor

Jennifer Aspin Daughter of Astraeus

General Idea

Astraea has gone missing. She is the goddess of Innocence and purity. We hope to find her and bring her back to Olympus, all of us in one piece.

Places and Monsters

Airport: Nothing to interesting happens, but this is where it really starts. We fly to Rome.

Rome: Here we encounter a Chimera and someone gets hurt. We find Dike and she tells us stuff. (go to France)

France: In france, we go along the coast and meet a few demi-gods, and are attacked by a group of Amicoids. I hope that Georgia will be the one to fight them off, cause she seems the strongest.

Britain: We have to head to Britain to find Astraea. We find Astraea and she is being held by a Dragon. The dragon is hard to kill and someone or two people are injured, but still live.

Camp: We make it back to camp, and yeah

End Game

Other questers

Romulus Osborne (Ash)

Georgia Hales (Kat



You need to add the monsters they encounter and an end game besides that it looks pretty good.

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Do you still plan on working on this? Also, Astraia is a goddess so you'd have to explain how a dragon could keep her and why, I'm not saying goddesses can't go missing or get captured, but unless it's by an equally powerful deity it shouldn't be something easy to do either, and if this dragon is strong enough that it can stop a goddess how are demigods going to do anything?

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