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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Beau,

Hello there, my fellow handsome. I know, you're new to camp but I need you to find something for me; it's my caduceus, it's a short winged staff with a couple of serpents entwining it, and it doesn't really does anything very important like hold my power, it's just that it's my symbol. In case you want to know how it exactly looks like, I'll have a photograph sent in your e-mail. Anyway, I lost it around a week ago when I watched Miss Universe in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas with some of the gods just as a hang out. I believe that it's still there in Planet Hollywood and is probably in the hands of a mortal or in worst case scenario, a monster. Anyway, I need it ASAP since Zeus was the one who gave it to me and I'm meeting him in a week since it's his birthday party and I've gotta make the old guy feel special and the preparation for his birthday is also the reason why I can't get it myself. So, take care, kiddo, and I'd promise to give you some good stuff in McCarran International for you and your fellows if you got it.


Mission Overview

Hermes' caduceus is lost after he watched the Miss Universe pageant in Planet Hollywood with some of the Olympians and he is asking his kid, Beau, to find it for him. His kid brings three other questors with him to find it there. In NY airport's parking lot, they encounter 6 harpies that sensed them due to the abundance of demi-god blood in the area. Then, they arrive in Las Vegas' Airport and drives off to Planet Hollywood. In the parking lot of the hotel, the get attacked by 4 hellhounds. They continue the search for the caduceus and they eventually find it in the hands of a mortal that turns out to be a fury who would like to use the caduceus against Hermes.

Locations and Misc

  1. Camp Half-Blood Entrance - They meet there and goes to the airport.
  2. NY Airport - In the parking lot, they encounter a flock of 6 harpies that sensed them because of the abundance of demi-gods.
  3. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport - They arrive there safely and drive off to the hotel.
  4. Planet Hollywood - They get attacked by 4 hellhounds in the parking lot when they arrive at night. They will stay here and will keep searching around the hotel. They eventually find it in the possession of a "mortal" who turns out to be a fury who would like to make use of the caduceus against Hermes.
  5. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport - They all receive a tab with unlimited Internet connection whenever wherever they are because Hermes is the one who "created" the Internet anyway.


  1. Beau Merrick, Hermes. Ela
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