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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Girl,

I might not have decided to write this letter to you if you aren't my hope. Well, girl, my daughter, Ciara has been abducted while she was going home from town and I want you to find her. From what news I have gathered, Ciara is somewhere in Alaska, where she was taken by a centaur who turned away from us gods. Do find my daughter.


General Overview

Dominique, Ciara's best friend, sent by Limos, and three other questors will go to the outskirts Juneau, Alaska to find Ciara, who has been kidnapped by a centaur who turned from the gods. The centaur, McDonald has taken Ciara and kept her in prison in a cave in a wooded area.


  • Five empousai in JFK airport (Three disguised as tourists and two as flight attendants)
  • Two Laistrygonian Giants in Juneau International Airport
  • One empousai disguised as a pretty local in a mall
  • McDonald the Centaur (Boss)


  1. Dominique Mendez (Cybele), Kookie
  2. Unspecified char of Unu
  3. A char of Onyx
  4. ???

Locations and Agenda

  1. Camp Boundary- The questors will meet here.
  2. JFK International Airport- The questors will go to JFK to board a plane to Alaska. While waiting for their plane, they will be attacked by five empousai and they defeat them, they then board their plane.
  3. Juneau International Airport- The questors will land here late at night. Soon after they disembark from the plane, two Laistrygonian giants scent them and attack them. They narrowly defeat the giants before quickly leaving the airport to their hotel.
  4. Hotel- The questors will stay for the night at the hotel to recharge, no monster attacks while they are there.
  5. The Car Rental Shop and the Mall- The four questors separate here, two go to the car rental shop to rent a car, being underage, the two find a local to drive them. The other two will go to the mall to get directions on how to navigate Juneau, while there, the two encounter another empousa disguised as a prettly local and she attacks them, which they defeat easily.
  6. Forest- One of the questors will discover a forest a few feet away from the road and they decide to explore it. They then find a cave after about thirty minutes of exploring. The local who drove them there already left with the car.
  7. Cave- They enter the cave and find Ciara tied to a rock. They were rushing to her when the centaur, McDonald. The questors and McDonald fight and they defeat him, they then untie Ciara and they leave the cave. They then journey back to Camp.

Kookoo and Kreme (talk) 06:50, June 7, 2013 (UTC)


Out of all the possible victims, why Ciara?Smiley-sad055 Do you think about me? ★❣Broken❣★ Jap32 He had a pretty bad fight with Limos before so he decided to take Ciara Cause you've got that one thing. Kookies and Kream
Smiley-sad055 Do you think about me? ★❣Broken❣★ Jap32

Kookies, Can I join the quest?? Kinda got nervous in asking you in chat. If it's okay with you???

DreamingAloud14 (talk) 03:17, June 12, 2013 (UTC)

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