Character's Name: Theós Hampton

God Parent: Hecate

Quest Sender: Zeus


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Theós,

Hello, my boy. I do not have much time, so I shall make this brief. Thousands of years ago, myself and Hephaestus designed a stone capable of granting nearly any wish for my brother, Poseidon, as a gift of goodwill. A stone capable of ending wars, so to speak, and it became a treasure far powerful than any other weapon. That was the problem. Many gods became angry that I created such an omnipotent weapon, and demanded that I either destroyed it, or made one for everyone. The second option is impossible, you see...too much energy is required for such a feat. When I tried to explain this, the other gods became outraged. For several centuries, we argued on the fate of the exceptionally rare and powerful stone, until Ares, surprisingly, came up with a passive idea: we detain it. We originally couldn't decide where to hide it away: the Underworld, the oceans, the depths of Tartarus; it was difficult. Eventually we decided to keep it in Olympus, hidden within the Staff of Eternal Youth; a staff capable of making an average human immune to all diseases and live forever. The stone, nicknamed the Wishing Stone, was to stay there until me and Hera, alone, decided what to do with it. Recently, me and Hera decided to have it banished to the depths of Tartarus, along with the Staff of Eternal Youth, and so we sent one of Hera's favorite nymphs, Void, to take it there. But, he did otherwise. Void has decided not to take the objects to the Underworld, and has fled to Alaska. Unfortunately, all the gods, angered at my decision, chose not to send a retriever for me. This is where you come in play, Theós. Hecate, your mother, owes me a favor, and you seem to be one of the most capable children of Hecate that I have observed, so I want you and 4 others to travel to Alaska and retrieve the objects in 7 days time, and have it delivered to Camp Half-Blood. From there, another nymph that I supremely trust will deliver them to me. Go forth and do not disappoint me. Goodbye and farewell.


General Idea: The story has a more open feel, but the main idea is that the group travels between JFK International Airport, Chicago, and Juneau, AK. It will likely involve a lot of interaction between the characters, to help liven up the quest, as well as develop the storyline.

General Idea/Monsters: Minotaur- encountered at JFK International Airport

                                  Dragon- encountered at Chicago

                                  Cyclops- encountered at Chicago  

Laistrygonian Giants- encountered at Alaska

End Game: The adventurers successfully obtain the Wishing Stone and the Staff of Eternal Youth. However, Theós decides not to return the objects to Zeus, and instead, offers a choice to the other questors: to pretend that they lost the stone and the staff (this option grants the other questors one wish, which cannot be OP), or be attacked. If questors choose not to side with Theós, a battle will break out which eventually ends in the accidental destruction of the objects.

General Idea/Locations: JFK International Airport, Chicago, Alaska

Questors: 4 others, aside from Theós Hampton

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