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A short while ago, Khione tricked Harmonia into being trapped, in hopes that Zeus and the Olympians would listen to her. If it failed, the Olympians would lose one of their peace makers and if they should quarral among themselves, the goddess of harmony wouldn't be there to calm them. At first, Harmonia came across her own children in dreams to get them to save her, yet each time one came, they perished at the hands of the many Keres that guarded the place where Harmonia is captive. After watching her own children perish, Harmonia prayed to Ares to send a band of demigods let by one of his own children to save her. She figured that Ares would help her more as he was her father, as well as his kids would hopefully be stronger, if not more fearful than other demigods. Ares has sent his son Ryder and three other demigods to rescue her.


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Ryder,

Ares here. Yep, Ares. I'll skip all the boring stuff and get to the point. You see, Harmonia's been outsmarted by Khione for no other reason to attract Zeus' attentions. Ironically enough, she hasn't even sent any sort of note to Olympus. I only know because what I'm about to say. Harmonia's sent dreams to her own kids to rescue her, but they failed at the gates and she prayed to me to help her. Being the good dad I am, I'm sending you and three other demigods of your choice to release her. I'm putting my faith into you to save her.



  1. Ryder Crest, Leader and son of Ares (EvilhariboMadness)
  2. Doe Pennington, daughter of Lyssa (Moon)
  3. Kian, erotios (Brocky)
  4. Aliyah Smith daughter of Hecate (Astrid)




  • Camp Half-Blood Entrance
  • New York Airport
  • Paris, France; where the demigods will speak to a daughter of Harmonia who managed to escape the Keres. Here they'll be attacked by a pack of hellhounds
  • Warsaw, Poland; here the demigods will be attacked by a daughter of Khione and a son of Boreas who're trying to stop them
  • Pidhirtsi Castle, Ukraine; here the demigods will face 3 Keres' and find out Khione has fled, leaving Harmonia in the cellar of the castle
  • Camp; where Harmonia will forbid them


  • A pack of hellhounds (2-3)
  • Daughter of Khione
  • Son of Boreas
  • 3 Keres

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Why was Harmonia captured of all the gods? And why does she call upon Ares?

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

Added them both in.

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"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

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