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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Benny,

I know I haven't been able to see you since you were a baby. But I must ask for your help. The Fountain of Youth is at risk. The magic which surrounds the fountain has been tampered with, and thus the fountain has become unstable. It keeps shifting location across the USA, and I fear what will happen if it ends up in the wrong hands. I suspect that Geras is responsible but I cannot directly interfere without any evidence. You must locate the fountain and find those responsible for its desecration, so I can fix it.

I've arranged for you to pick up the start of the trail, which happens to be near your home in Georgia. I know you and your friends are more than capable. Please send my regards to your father when you see him.

-Your loving mother, Hebe

Geras is accused of having tampered with the Fountain of Youth. Benny is sent with a bunch of friends to find out what happened. Meanwhile, Benny’s dad has also gone missing, and Benny feels it is his personal responsibility to find him. They figure out along the way that the fountains act as makeshift portals. The Fountain of Youth has used these fountains as a tether, and thus the party can follow where the Fountain of Youth has previously manifested. To unlock these portals, they must fulfill certain objectives to activate them. Eventually they successfully find the Fountain of Youth. Benny finds that his father has been taken prisoner by Ganymede, who merely wished to help his son on the quest. Ganymede reveals that he is jealous of Hebe’s superior status (having a cabin at camp), and decided to tamper with her fountain to try and get her fired from her position.


  1. Benny’s house: He wants to tell his dad what he is doing and say hello to him, when he discovers through townspeople that his dad has been missing for two weeks.
2: Centennial Olympic Park, Omni Hotel, Fountain of Rings, CNN Center: Benny has to defend the fountain from a giant karkinos with his friends. They fight it off as a team, finding that it has been killing off nearby pond life. Benny’s powers activate the fountain. Disney World, Orlando, Florida
  1. Fountain of Nations: The group of heroes find Benny’s step-father, Hercules dressed up as himself by the Greece Booth. He presents them with a challenge to test their willpower and strength. He will then unlock the portal thing for them. He dares them to do a couple of laps of a roller-coaster and do other daredevil stunts to prove themselves. Heracles/Hercules then gives the heroes some cryptic advice, "Not the pelt" before he leaves.
Grand Haven, Michigan
  1. Grand Haven Musical Fountain: The party is confronted with a puzzle. The fountain will only unlock with a specific code; this is done by copying the correct pattern of light effects, and making the right sounds. It will respond to the presence of Benny, as a child of Hebe and gives clues towards the code by responding to their efforts. When fulfilled, this fountain will open for the heroes.
Las Vegas, Nevada
  1. Palisades Hotel/Bellagio Fountains: They find themselves in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. It isn't too difficult to find the Bellagio Fountains. However, before the party can figure out how to unlock the fountain, they are attacked by a Nemean Lion, one of Hercules' labours. They follow his previous advice, and manage to activate the fountain and escape before the Lion can kill them.
Diner- Meet Hebe (disguised as waitress)
  1. This is a miscellaneous waffle house, located just outside of Yellowstone park. The three demigods are ushered in, and are looked after by a red-headed curly haired waitress. She gives them some parting advice, and serves the party some ambrosia to prepare them for what is to come.
Yellowstone National Park 1: The party have to navigate their way through Yosemite National Park in order to find the Fountain of Youth. Encountering token resistance from harpies and hellhounds, they manage to successfully make their way towards Old Faithful. After a brief encounter with some local storm spirits, they gain access to the Fountain of Youth. 2: The demigods make their way towards the Fountain of Youth. Walking through several tunnels, they encounter a giant clearing where the Fountain stays. This exists on another plane, in contrast to previous fountains which only acted as conduits. They find Ganymede and Benny's father there. Unable to fight, they instead manage to lure Ganymede into talking about his massive "prank", when Hebe comes to save the day, after getting the proof she needs to directly interfere.

It turns out that the perpetrator is Ganymede who wishes to retain his position as Chief Cupbearer by eliminating the competition. Since he has just revealed his massive plan, Hebe's able to interfere because she has evidence that he sabotaged the fountain. Ganymede relents, after he decides that it isn't worth invoking the wrath of Zeus and the other gods, who would see it as an act of rebellion. As thanks, Benny gets to spend some time with his mom and dad who give him some sage advice. The party receive a reward for the quest from Hebe, which is personalised to their individual tastes.

Benny: A small amphora pendant, separated in two pieces. When the handle and the jar are attached together, this allows Benny to freely change his age without having to use any energy. This lasts for as long as the pieces are together. Theo: A small hexagonal pendant, with an amphora engraved in it. The amulet has been enchanted with some of Ariadne’s magic. The amulet has the ability to shift into the shape into a key to fit into most keyholes, godly, or manmade. Tyler: A small vial, attached to a piece of silver thread. This contains a limited amount of water, or whatever liquid Tyler desires. The vial will continue to replenish whatever is inside it as long as the vial remains intact. -Undetermined Gift for Wil... Hebe has also linked the three items together. This establishes an empathy link between those who wear them. As long as these are worn, they are able to be contacted or found in a time of need. This does not replace iris messaging or mobile communication. Instead, the link will lead towards its missing counterparts. If needed, the wearer will feel a tugging sensation.

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