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The turret crown that Cybele always wears has been stolen by a vogue son of Ares. The child of Ares was ordered to steal it by Hera, who was jealous of the all powerful Mother Earth. Now Cybele's realised it's missing, it didn't take her long, she's contacted her daughter, Victorie-Rose Latourette to retrieve her crown back, in a sense of testing her.


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Vicki,

How are you doing my girl? I hope you and your father are doing well. Anyway, I'm strolling away from the matter at hand. Last night, someone, I presume a son of Ares as I've been told some things, had stolen my turret crown. My crown that I always wear. I know you might be thinking 'He's a demigod, you're a goddess, you go get it.,' but you see darling, I want to test you. Being the Lieutenant of the cabin means you have responsibility. This'll be a test to ensure that. Also, don't worry, if you should die on the quest, I'll bring you back as a nymph of some sort, or I'm sure Demeter or Persephone will do so, because of your alliance with their cabins.



  1. Victorie-Rose Latourette, Leader, Daughter of Cybele (EvilhariboMadness)
  2. Reserved for Unu
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  • Camp Half-Blood Entrance
  • New York Airport
  • Glasgow Airport, Scotland
  • Forest of Dean, England
  • Back to Camp


  • On the way to New York Airport, two harpies
  • On the drive down to the Forest of Dean, a giant scorpion and a hellhound or two
  • In the forest, multiple monsters (still yet to be decided, but most likely fire-breathing horses, harpies and maybe Stymphalian bird)
  • Son of Ares guarding the Crown, accompanied by a daughter of Aeolus and her pet hellhound

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