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Name of Character: Kylie Shay

God Parent: Apollo


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Kylie,

You must find it odd how I am the one speaking to you and not my reckless brother. You have nothing to fear; you have done no wrong. I would just like to... ask for your help on a certain matter.

A while back, a huntress of mine asked to temporarily leave the Hunt in order to see the world. A... vacation, if you will. I granted her that request for she had served me faithfully in the years despite her titan parentage. We parted ways in a forest in Maine. However, she did not return after a few weeks. I know for certain that she is neither dead nor on the verge of dying. I am, thus, led to believe that she either has no further intention of rejoining her sisters or has been, in some way, detained. Since very few people have been able to detain any huntress of mine, I believe that the former is correct.

Now, normally I or another huntress would search for her but as it is, I need all the Hunters I have with me right now in hunting for yet another beast. This is where you come in. Of course, you may wonder why I have chosen you, of all people. It is for the simple reason that this Huntress had served your father for a time before she joined my Hunt and because you are, if I am not mistaken, the leader of your cabin. Now, last I heard, she had been accompanying a demigod across the border of Massachusetts. I feel that, along the way, this half-blood has managed to convince her to return to the service of her father, Hyperion.

Therefore, I want you to find her and bring her back. What I know is that she's currently in West Concord, Massachusetts, camping out in one of the abandoned cemeteries there and it won't be long until she leaves with the other demigod.

Bring her back with or without her new companion. Good luck.



A huntress of Artemis has asked to leave the Hunt for a few weeks but never returned. Fearing that the huntress had gone rogue due to a demigod whom the huntress had been escorting, Artemis sends Kylie to search for the said huntress and bring her back. Kylie will bring 2 other half-bloods with her. They will travel first to Marlborough, where the nearest airport can be found. After arriving in the said place, they will be attacked by two hellhounds. After the hellhounds are defeated, the group hails a taxi cab and drives to Concord. Once they get close to Concord, however, the taxi is attacked by a flock of Stymphalian Birds and the group is forced to proceed on foot. When night falls and they have successfully reached Concord, they are attacked by a number empousai. Afterwards, they search for the huntress' location, finding her in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. There, they will confront both the huntress and the demigod with her. Once both are subdued, the huntress and the enemy demigod, a child of Lelantos, are taken back to Camp.

General idea of monsters they may encounter:

  • Two Hellhounds
  • A flock of Stymphalian Birds
  • Four empousai
  • Enemy demigod, a child of Lelantos

End game:

  • While traveling back at Camp, the enemy demigod manages to escape but the group does not attempt to give chase.
  • Before the questers arrive back at Camp, Artemis sends a message to the group, stating that the huntress will stay at Camp to ensure that neither the enemy demigod nor Hyperion (the huntress' father) will disturb her.

General idea of locations planned:

  • Camp Entrance
  • JFK Airport
  • Marlboro Airport, Marlborough
  • Road to Concord
  • A Park in Concord, several blocks away from the location of the huntress
  • Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
  • Marlboro Airport (again)
  • Forest Near Camp
  • Camp

Number of questers desired (2 to 4 besides the leader): 3 (including the leader)

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ


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