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Quest "The Unbalanced Scales"

A quest idea between RPKingNin and Xerxestheb-rabbit The quest is a trip to the major cities of Chicago where children of the goddess Nemesis are rampaging and going against the very thing their mother stands for; these kids were independent of the Broken Covenant and Camp simply put Rouges. Burning the city to the ground seemed to be their intention by fueling riots among mortals, gathering in areas to attract monsters then loosing the on mortals, and punching and kicking through anything they considered in their way. Chicago hadn't been through anything this severe since the riots of 1968 and like those if not stopped the city was gonna Burn Baby Burn. Harmond is sent there by Nemesis as a favor to the goddess, though unbeknownst to him, he is going to finally find a balance between himself having to choose to be either Harmond or Dismond, Vi will unearth secrets about Jiminey (his surrogate father) and the demigods he failed to save, Blake will be adding more badass than anybody should legally be allowed to have, Nyxil is going to prey n those who have preyed on the mortals of Chicago and Luke.....well he is just along for the ride.


Name: Harmond

God Parent: Harmonia

Quest giver: Nemesis

Dream: No dream but a Newspaper flew into camp detailing the attack and how it was being lead by a child calling himself Dismond. The Newspaper finds it's way to Harmond via a Nemesis kid with the newspaper in hand disgusted that his siblings would ever do something to break balance. While walking by in the dining pavilion Harmond happens to hear the name Dismond uttered and on impulse goes to see what they are talking about.

General Idea: Harmond goes on this quest because when he was on the streets in New York he went by the name Dismond. Chicago is a ways away from New York but goes because he believes it is more than coincidence someone would use his "name". After asking permission Harmond sent on a quest to stop the Broken Covenant demi-gods in Chicago after asking Alex to defend his honor and name.

Monsters to be encountered: Wounded lycanthrope, a pair of cyclopes in a factory, and an Amicoid

End Game: Force Harmond to choose who he is and live life without regretting his parents death or blaming himself for every single thing that goes wrong in his life

Travel destinations: New York airport, Flight to Chicago, O'Hare international airport, Chicago-Cook county, Aurora-Kane county, Subway system

Rewards: Harmond-A set of light armor that surpasses any man made armor to date in weight but has the mobility and weightlessness of air itself; it's durability is like that of dragon scales making it hard but not impossible to penetrate. Has an ability called peacekeeper that activates under certain conditions such as a demigod or magical beast using his/her 369 power or an onslaught of magical energy. It pushes the armor to it's limit then suddenly he can activate the peacekeeper ability which shuts down all magical abilities (except Harmond's) for five minutes or deactivated at his command. It Can only be used every 24 hours and the belt strips him of his ability to make peace with people while active.

Luke-A set of full arm Asian gauntlets from the shoulder to his fingertips which add protection for his arms increasing his durability and power. The gauntlets have been passed down through a family of warriors dating back a few centuries and have been imbued by their spirits. The gauntlets would grant the wearer full knowledge of three fighting style martial arts from that time.

Vifera-A Belt that allows him to borrow one specific ability from an animal that he has a forged a very strong bond with like one of the wolf cubs he grew up with or the mountain lion who raised him for a brief period. He an only borrow one ability at a time and must return it before borrowing another ability and the ability is returned immediately if the belt is taken off; it is extremely difficult to cut or pierce it wile the ability is active but it will be a normal belt when the ability isn't and won't be as difficult to cut or pierce. Though the belt does not drain energy the ability will slowly lose strength the longer it is in use giving a two minute time limit to each ability used. He can only borrow three abilities in succession before his body needs time to rest and readjust to being human again. Any abilities he borrows that cause a change in his physical make-up that are drastic (such as wings or claws) need several minute to grow out from his body but last longer than abilities that only slightly alter him (like greater sense of smell). (He is not becoming the animal he borrows the ability from. Example: Borrowing night vision from a hawk or claws from a wolf)

Blake-A hell-fire imbued shape shifting weapon which is linked to ancient Japan. The weapon changes into a different ancient japanese melee weapon every 24 hours and can freely attack with a limited supply of hell fire from the user. The weapon acts as a vessel for the child of Hades hell-fire ability specifically; which would lessen the cost of using the weapon but would still consume energy. (No giant weapons. It's not specific to any weapon family just melee weapons on a whole. For example, it can one day be a whole set of shuriken and the next it can be an odachi)

Nxyil-Information on the Medea's Witch Mall in Chicago. No one knows what he plans to do with the information but knowing Nxyil something is about to go down.


Apologies for how lonf it took for someone to check this quest claim.

  • Please explain why these children of Nemesis are going against there own mother. Are the Bc children? or  is there some sort of other reason they would go against the very thing they're mother stands for?

Now lets talk about the gifts. in my personal opinion, most of these gifts are a bit OP and could use some dialing down. I'll start from the first weapon to the last

  • Ok so, i think that the belt should only allow the user to take abilities from animal that he/she has a strong bond with. I also think that he should be able to only use one ability at a time.
  • I'm a bit confused with what you mean on the second weapon. Does "Surpasses any man made armor." refer to durability or to just the weight of the armor? If your refering to durability then thats a bit to OP.  However if your refering to weight then i think that would be fine. I also think that if the armor is gonna cut out magical abilities, the users abilities should be included in that. Aside from those i think the time should be cut from 10 minutes to just 5
  • I'm completely fine with the third weapon changing every 24 hours but, i do believe the unlimited heel fire staight from hades is OP. Perhaps removing the fire all together.
  • i believe the coat should be dialed down a bit. maybe putting a restriction on it? Like this pocket dimension only allow the user to store up to 10-15 iteams at once? also the more he carries in the coat, the heavier it gets.

thats all that i see for now. Also feel free to argue and prove to me that the weapons aren't as OP as i may think. i would suggest asking other admins for advice though

    MusicS1.png“When words fail, Music speaks.” ~ The MusicianMusicS2.png you guys so much but let me just list down the things you guys kinda forgot

  • "A quest can contain from three to five users," three or five not two... love you guys but rules are rules..
  • "Only one character can be used per user for each quest," both of these are quotes from the rule itself so please take note of that guys
  • Now lets start with the real part... the newspaper... not gonna complain about the method (very original) but still what are the chances of him saying "hey seems like fate wants me to leave camp and start saving demigods!" when he saw the newspaper article? zero right. So yeah... either amend a bit of that cause remember there's a ton of campers and what are the chances of that piece of paper reaching him?
  • the gifts... now where do I start? alright vi, will the belt give him ONLY the ability of animals he bonded with? and no other animals? also don't you think its a tiny bit OP? (Ok hear me out here) yeah its just one animal at a time but imagine if your fighting that char. That char changing into a wold then a lion and then an orang utan (points if you know what this is) don't you think it would be a tiny bit unfair? (you can argue your points of course but this is just my opinion) cause I know you added the "brief moment" just to combat the OP thing but what do you consider a brief moment may not be what I consider brief especially in a fighting rp. Either way you may argue your points
  • I swear xer ... did you write your gift based on a dream you have? like seriously? a sword or shifting weapon? what is that? "change into a different weapon every day?" does that mean its a Swiss knife? How big can these "weapons" be? Are each one gonna be from the same family (yes weapons have a family one is called swords and the other is called axes (family is also called types so you can just google that)).

thats all the problem I have currently with this... you can argue your points but seriously guys.. thanks for a "pat" in the back

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Because of the passing of the CHBRP 2.0, a quest can now have as less as two users, and users can also be now able to roleplay more than once character to avoid inactivity. If you want to revert to your original plan yet still according to weapon rules, please do so.

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Opss I guess I made a mistake by forgetting the 2.0 rule (sorry guys) I guess I made a mistake anyhow here's what I have problems with now

  • Vifera gift.. the animals are they the ones he's close with only? like the animals that were mentioned or are you planning to add more?

actually thats all the problem I have sorry again for the mistake >.<

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  • Vifera's gift- Yes it is all animals that he forms a bond with and yes I plan on adding more. The animals that he mentioned were just examples of animals that he could borrow from but there are others.

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Welll if thats so then I would say its a tiny bit OP. Cause see this from my perspective "a belt thats indestructible and can give ANY user a chance to borrow an animals talent for a while" isn't this in itself is OP? imagine fighting someone with this belt and finding out the belt DOESN'T drain the user. The opponent wont have a fighting chance. Plus about the "talent of animals" your right hawks are well known for their sharp eye sight but dont forget their ability to fly for long period of time. Wouldn't that mean Vifera have the ability to "borrow" that as well?

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...fineeee you guys win

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