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Luthren Marks


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Luthren Marks,

Luthren, this is the first time I have spoken to you, but I have been watching you from the underworld. I'm very busy collecting the souls of those who have passed on, and some mischief souls have broken free of Tartarus, and fled with the help of some demigods. I need you to lead a group to go and collect these lost souls, and send them back to Tartarus for me. There will likely be monsters that pick up your sent, so be careful...


General Idea:

Some demigods, possibly BC members had snuck into Tartarus and set free some souls that are now lost and haunting the Earth, Thanatos being to busy with his normal job sends Luthren to go find these spirits and bring them back to the underworld.


x1 Chimera, Utah Mountainous region (rocky and elevated ground) (will occur depending on quest)

x2 Fire Breathing Horse, Iowa farmland (will occur depending on quest)

x5 Leukrokottas, Old town in Nebraska, inside abandoned appartment (will occur depending on quest)

x1 Kere, Ohio, Luthren's hometown, in his old (now empty) house (Will occure last)

End Game:

Turns out it was a Kere let out the souls in order to lure out some un-suspecting demigods to devour.


Old city with some abandoned houses somewhere in Nebraska, a farm in Iowa, The Underworld, a Mountainous region in Utah, the town in Ohio where Luthren had grown up. Maybe some areas in between these specific ones.

Number of Questers:

Luthren Marks - Son of Thanatos, owned by Hidden

Alexander Sombre - Son of Hades, owned by Jay

Alex Shield -Son of Hades, owned by Link

Natalie Coceancig ~ Daughter of Cybele, owned by Birdie

Cody Segumaya - Son of Athena, owned by Demyx

Bryson Hawkins - Son of Apollo, owned by Kevin

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Could I have a list on where the monsters will be encountered and how many of them?Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Well, could I have a rough placing where the monsters will be? It's 'cause we need to make sure they pop up in good areas. Last time, there was a quest where a gorgon (or was it an empousa) was said to attack in an airplane, which we didn't allow.Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Fixed these a while ago btw xD

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